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Device Magic’s 18 Most-Read Stories of 2018

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

Device Magic blog on mobile phone - top 2018 mobile forms posts

The Device Magic blog covers the latest on using mobile forms for your business and industry, along with company news and product updates, tutorials and customer stories.

We’ve compiled our most read blog posts from the past year and hope they help you continue to find ways to get the most out of mobile forms in the year ahead.

Top Posts of 2018

1. The Pros & Cons of a Bring Your Own Device Policy

For just about every industry, the use of a mobile device while on the job is commonplace. In fact, not using a device for work would almost seem odd.

For many organizations, however, mobile devices in the workplace pose a tricky question: who provides the device?

2. Device Magic Named a Top Pick for Field Service Businesses by CIO Applications

We’re pleased to announce that Device Magic has been named CIO Applications’ Field Service Company of the Year!

Additionally, the publication has highlighted Device Magic as one of the Top 25 Field Service Solutions for 2018 for how its mobile forms transform business operations. The selection process included a panel of “CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the CIO Applications’ editorial panel, [who] evaluated and shortlisted 25 organizations that have significantly stood out as some of the most prominent players in the field service apps arena for the year 2018.”

3. What to Include on Your Facilities Preventive Maintenance Checklist

To keep your car in good working condition, you change the oil, get your brakes checked, and make sure there’s enough air in the tires. This routine maintenance hopefully prevents more expensive repairs and helps the car to last longer. The same is true for facilities management preventive maintenance.

4. 3 Steps to Speed Up Reading Your Building Inspection Checklist

Reading a building inspection checklist may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list. Fortunately, there is a way to make the process easier to get through. Start by separating the checklist’s content into two categories: mission critical data and secondary information. This one change will save you plenty of time, especially if you have a pile of reports to get through.

5. Getting Started with Mobile Forms in 30 Minutes

Mobile forms help companies streamline their data collection and present a way for companies to fill and submit traditional paper forms like reports, audits, or inspections on mobile devices. They’re also easy to use and set up.

Here’s how to quickly get started with using mobile forms for your business.

6. 6 Types of Construction Technology You Will Use in the Future

If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right? Despite technological progress, it’s not uncommon for construction companies to still rely on spreadsheets, manual data entry, and paperwork. Low IT budgets and lack of time for training have contributed to a hesitancy around adopting new methods.

Emerging construction technology isn’t just a fad or a fun new toy. There are real, practical applications and benefits to modernizing your current processes. And if your construction company wants to remain competitive and not be left behind, you’ll need to find ways to integrate new approaches into your strategy and workflows.

7. A Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Successful Pilot Program Pros & Cons of a Bring Your Own Device Policy

When you’re considering implementing a new solution or technology for your business, you want to make sure that it will be beneficial before diving in head first. Running a pilot program lets you test things out on a small scale and keeps you from making a large investment before you know if the technology will actually be a viable option for your team or company.

8. From the Farmer Improves Its Service & Driver Management with Mobile Forms

From the Farmer needed a way to manage delivery drivers and enhance the customer experience. By using mobile forms, driver compliance improved to 95% and inbound customer service calls decreased. Read how else mobile forms are benefiting this DC-area farm-produce delivery service.

9. Should You Use Paper Forms or Digital Forms?

Paper forms improved productivity by using printed directions and space for users to write in their information. In contrast to writing a business letter from scratch each time you had an order or request, it was a major advance. Today, we have a different opportunity — digital forms have arrived.

If you are already comfortable using paper forms, you might wonder why you should change to mobile data collection with digital forms. Let’s break down the pros and cons of using paper forms in your work.

10. Device Magic vs. ProntoForms: A Mobile Forms Comparison

Mobile forms have increased productivity, reduced paperwork, streamlined workflows, and aided in analysis, among other benefits. Yet, even as the technology’s benefits are robust, the decision of which software to implement can have a direct impact on the features you can access, the overall cost, and business productivity.

Device Magic and ProntoForms are two leading mobile forms providers. Let’s compare the two platforms so you can choose the best mobile forms provider for your business.

11. Device Magic vs. GoCanvas: Mobile Forms Comparison

Device Magic and GoCanvas are two major providers of mobile forms software. While the platforms have many similarities, there are key differences between the two providers. To help you choose the best mobile forms provider for your business, let’s compare the features, integrations, and cost of Device Magic and GoCanvas.

12. Device Magic vs. Comparing Mobile Forms Platforms

Countless factors go into your decision for the best mobile forms and data collection tool for your business. You may be weighing features, ease of use, compliance, and cost. The comparison below can help you decide if Device Magic or is right for your business.

13. How Paterson Simons Uses Mobile Forms to Transform the Heavy Lifting Industry

Paterson Simons sells and services heavy lifting and handling equipment throughout West Africa. Discover how they’re using Device Magic mobile forms to more effectively repair cranes and build strong relationships in remote locations.

14. How Greenewable Solar Brings Solar Power to Pakistan with Mobile Forms

Greenewable Solar designs and engineers solar installations for residential and commercial clients across Pakistan. Read how they’re using Device Magic mobile forms to manage installation teams in remote project locations, maintain quality standards and ensure accurate records.

15. A Day Without Phones: How Smartphone Use Impacts Your Day

As a growing number of people own smartphones, they’ve become a major part of daily life. See what ways smartphone use impacts how people spend time each day.

16. Faster, Stronger, Cheaper: Construction Technology Trends to Know

What construction technology trends will come to market in 2018? It will be a mix of continuing trends, new opportunities and potential competition. Some of these trends are ready for immediate implementation — you need only buy the products and seek out training.

17. How Mobile Forms Help StrongMinds Treat Depression at Scale in Uganda

An estimated 1 in 4 women suffers from major depression in Uganda. StrongMinds provides group talk therapy designed to treat depression at scale. Read how StrongMinds is using mobile forms to collect data in the field from therapy groups, track program progress and operate more efficiently.

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