Track logistics and fleet data with mobile forms

Track trips and deliveries, record and maintain fleet vehicle status, capture location coordinates, photos, and signatures – it’s all possible with Device Magic.

Digital forms for logistics organizations

Send forms to your drivers and field reps for completion in the mobile app. The forms app provides a simple yet flexible platform for employees to input and submit information in real-time. In addition to free response, multiple choice and calculated questions, you can easily record rich data like photos and signatures.

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Discover countless logistics industry forms and customization options

  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Log

    Maintain maximum uptime with vehicle condition updates, and maintenance, service and repair schedule tracking.

  • Field Incident Report

    Easily track details and gather accurate records of any work-related injuries or illnesses.

  • Job Estimate

    Quickly and accurately provide job estimates to secure bids before your competitors.

  • Timesheet

    Accurately capture all billable hours from your field teams with mobile timesheet forms.