Mobile data collection and real-time reporting for manufacturing

Complete quality control forms and plant management checklists on mobile devices. Build custom forms and reports for employees on the floor, or in the field, to complete and submit instantly on smartphones and tablets.

Manufacturing operations tracking on mobile

Complete recurring equipment maintenance checklists, safety and quality inspections, and other customizable plant maintenance forms on mobile devices. Build digital forms specific to your processes to capture rich data from your deskless teams to enhance quality, maintain safety and improve operational insight.

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Discover countless manufacturing industry forms and customization options

  • Jobsite Safety Analysis

    Protect the health and safety of your employees and cover all compliance procedures to ensure safe working environments.

  • Maintenance Work Order

    Reduce equipment downtime with the ability to instantly submit maintenance or repair work orders.

  • Quality Control Inspection Checklist

    Make sure quality requirements are being met with consistent criteria outlines and reporting.

  • PPE Inspection Checklist

    Ensure the safety of your employees with thorough personal protective equipment (PPE) inspection guidelines and supply requirements.