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Feature Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Unlimited Form Submissions - Submit as many forms as you’d like.
Unlimited Data Storage - Store limitless form submission data.
Unlimited Paid Devices - Add as many devices as needed at the rate of your current plan. 1 device
Unlimited Form & File Storage - Store data for as long as you need. Indefinitely.
Submission Formats Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Plain Text - Send your data directly to your email or cloud storage in a Plain Text Format.
Images - Take photos or draw sketches and automatically save them directly in your forms.
PDF - Recreate specific mandated PDF's as templates and use tokens to fill in the blanks.
Spreadsheet - Deliver submissions directly into a spreadsheet.
Word - Create Word Document templates and use tokens to fill in the blanks.
JSON - Your data can be delivered to an existing CRM or other online tool via JSON.
XML - Have your data submitted directly to your project management tool.
Submission Destinations Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Email - A mobile forms integration for the most popular email clients.
Amazon S3 - Store your submission data with Amazon S3.
Box - Seamlessly integrate your data with Box's content collaboration capabilities.
Dropbox - Access your data anywhere and anytime.
Evernote - Deliver your submission data into your Evernote account as a new note.
Google Drive - Access to your photos, videos, files and form submissions from anywhere.
Microsoft OneDrive - Send submissions data from your forms to your Microsoft OneDrive account.
Slack - Bring all of your communication together, including form submissions.
SMS - Send your data as a text message to ensure people are kept in the loop.
Zapier - Easily build a link between web apps to manipulate your mobile forms data.
Geotab - Dispatch forms directly to your vehicles.
Salesforce - Submission data sent right to your Salesforce CRM.
Sharefile - Deliver submission data to the secure file sharing and transfer service that's built for business.
SQL - A mobile form integration to deliver data to your SQL database.
Data Resources Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
PDF, Images, & Excel - Upload a resource file to reference during your form building process.
Google Drive - Connect a live resource to Google Drive to automatically update references.
Geomapping - Create map overlays to collect data on different locations in the field.
SQL - Pull data into your form from your live SQL database.
Workflow Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Conditional Destinations - Deliver to a specific Destination based on certain conditions from answers in the form.
User Groups - Create user groups to designate specific forms to specific users.
Dispatch - Send a specific form to a particular user with pre-populated data included.
Analytics/Reporting Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Activity Dashboard - View account activity from your Management Console home page.
Real-Time Submission Graph - Monitor and filter submissions by forms or devices from your Management Console.
Weekly Submission Report - Receive an automated weekly account summary report by email.
Customizable Dashboards - Build multiple analytics dashboards with custom models. Qualifying Plans
Form Submission Platforms Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Android - Native Android app operates on Android 4.1 and above
iOS - Native iOS app operates on iOS 10 and above.
Amazon - Native Android app operates on Android 4.1 and above.
Online Forms - Fill out the same mobile forms online from your desktop computer.
Security Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
GDPR - European Union General Data Protection Regulation compliance.
On-device Encryption (iOS) - Encryption of data while stored on smartphone or tablet.
In-transit Data Encryption - Encryption of data during submission and delivery.
HTTPS, TLS, SFTP - Send data over a secure network with greater flexibility and customization.
Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) - Allow your users to sign on with your organization’s platform.
Customization Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Drag & Drop Form Builder - Drag and drop question fields to create mobile forms.
Custom PDF & Word Templates - Upload a template with customized question order, image size, and branding.
Custom Branding - Customize the Device Magic App with your logo and brand colors.
API Access - Full access to the Device Magic API to configure custom, two-way data flows between us and your systems.
App White Label - Create your own appstore version of the Device Magic app. Additional costs apply. $
Regional Hosting - Restrict your data from leaving the region of your choice. Additional costs apply. $
On-Premise Hosting - Host Device Magic yourself to keep data off of the cloud. Additional costs apply. $
Support Free ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Online Knowledge Base - Visit our Help Center for step-by-step guides on how to use Device Magic
Email, Chat, & Phone Support - Our support team is available for any questions you may have.

"it definitely saves administration time in the long run and allows you to be completely paperless"
- Laura M, Device Magic Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Device Magic offers a 14-day free trial of our Enterprise plan, no credit card required. You can upgrade to a paid account of any of our mobile forms pricing plans at the end of your trial period.

When your 14-day free trial ends, your account will go into Free Account mode. Several features will still be available to you, like unlimited forms and submissions. However, you will only be able to have your original device connected to your account, and you will only be able to deliver data to the Device Magic database or via a plain text email. To get the full suite of features again, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Don’t have a credit card? Contact our Support Team and they’ll work with you.

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade to any of our plans once you start on a paid account.

Yes! You can add or remove devices at any time without changing subscriptions. Note that downgrades to license count and/or plan type cannot be processed if an account has a past-due balance. After receiving the payment in full, changes to the account will be reflected upon the next account renewal. If you add devices, we will prorate your bill for the rest of the billing cycle.

If you purchase a monthly plan, no. You simply pay month to month.

If you purchase a plan and find that Device Magic isn't what you're looking for, you can cancel your account at any time through the Device Magic Management Console. Please note that termination cannot be processed if an account has a past-due balance. Termination of monthly and annual services will occur on the renewal date following 30 days after initial notification.

We have specific pricing for Academic and Non-Profit organizations. We also offer volume based discounts. Contact our sales team for a tailored quote.

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