Make your own data collection app with White Label

Customize the Device Magic app with your own branding. Create your own app in the App Store and Google Play.

Whitelabel your app with Device Magic

An application all your own

Finding your app is simple, straightforward and professional with an app that your customers and employees recognize.

Get a custom icon for your app

A custom icon that stands out

Your icon not only symbolizes your organization, but also represents accessibility to users.

A home screen that feels like home

Mirror your organization's presence both in and outside of the app.

Customize your Device Magic forms

The ability to customize down to your forms themselves

Edit each form to ensure that branding is consistent throughout every process.

The advantages of selecting White Label

Add a refined product to your wheelhouse

Introduce a trusted, dependable and mature app without having to worry about maintenance. Like having an in-house developer without the cost, Device Magic will take care of any troubleshooting, product updates or fixes.

Establish and expand your brand

Give users the familiarity and dependability of the brand they already know and love. Enhance your visibility and overall market presence across platforms, including mobile, at the same time.

Take advantage of our expertise

As a top-rated mobile forms app in the iOS App Store and Google Play, rest assured that Device Magic knows quality, effective data collection. Let us set everything up for you in a matter of days, and lean on our incredible Support team for added assistance.

Keep things in your own hands

Manage your application listing, its ins and outs, as well as related updates and deploy schedules. Control the status and evolution of your app according to your organization’s timing and needs.

Put your clients first

Cater to customers and user base by providing them with a better experience. Minimize additional steps, contracts and expenses by introducing an app that’s an extension of your business. Increase customer loyalty while doing so.

Save time and money

Instead of spending resources on creating and maintaining a solution in-house, reallocate them to other projects and priorities. Maximize recurring profits by seamlessly customizing an app with top security, UX and performance.

Get started with our White Label app

Contact us to learn more. We’ll get everything up and running in no time.