Solving the Data Collection Challenges of Franchises

Design, build, and launch your own data collection app for your franchise. Standardize forms across your entire organization, silo data for each franchisee, view consolidated roll-up reports, and more.


Device Magic supports all device types

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Delivery driver using mobile forms

Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

Streamline data collection across your entire organization with our mobile and web-based apps. Capture digital forms, photographs, customer signatures, and more - even offline.

Online Forms - Geo-located Dispatches

A Smarter Way to Work

Digital data collection provides richer data, faster delivery, and more accurate information. Automatically validate answers, pull data from live resources, and add conditional logic. Work with rich data types, including GPS coordinates, barcode scanning, and more.

Smart Data Delivery

Customize the delivery behavior of your form submissions. Select any combination of file formats and destinations, so your data is sent exactly where you need it. Add conditional logic based on answers, to flag important follow-up items.

Three users with different mobile needs

Organizational Permissions

Allow each franchise owner to build their own forms, or standardize forms at the corporate level. Or, a mixture of the two. With group and user permissions, you control the organizational structure of your app.

Analytics inside Device Magic's interface

Roll-up Data Reporting

Take control of your operations by generating cross-org reports. Track data activity and issues across all owners at the corporate level, while retaining the privacy between individual owners.

Custom Branding or White Label

You can add a custom logo and colors to your Device Magic app to make it your own. Or go even further with a white label solution, to have your own app in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

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