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How Mobile Technology Boosts Workplace Productivity

Posted by Brett Long

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Contributed by Liz Pekler

Mobile technology is no longer just for personal use. Nowadays, it has become one of the most efficient go-to options for businesses due to its convenience, speedy results, and versatility.

For companies, mobility has been trending with employees’ increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other technology for dealing with, accessing, and managing work-related operations and files. For these reasons, some companies even encourage employees to abide by the “” or “Bring Your Own Device” policy to leverage their mobile workforce. BYOD employees are gaining a global average of 37 minutes of productive time per week, according to Cisco.

Business Insider BT also reveals that some of the biggest companies like Amazon, eBay and Tesco have invested in mobile tech in order to help boost productivity and increase revenue.

All the more reason not to ban those cell phones from your desks!

Impacts of Mobile Technology on Productivity

With the latest innovations in mobile tech, various new mobile applications and services have emerged in order to address every employee’s (and company’s) needs. As a result, mobile technology has boomed and statistics now show that it significantly improves productivity in the workplace.

A study by the Evolving Workforce Project found that “83% of global workers believe that technology advances have enabled them to be more productive and see this increasing in the future.”

Here are some of the impacts of mobile tech in the workplace:

Enhanced Portability

Mobile technology promotes and enhances portability for its users because of the ability to operate wirelessly. There’s no need to worry about bringing heavy laptops to work, because in some cases, smaller and lighter tablets will suffice. Moreover, employees don’t have to carry or look through bulky documents once they’ve started digitizing their files for easier access online.

Increased Employee Availability

With the use of mobile applications that can sustain and uphold a company’s long-term gains, it empowers the employees by allowing them the convenience of working remotely, whenever and wherever. Instead of allotting time to walk through updates with an employee, they can now access it through their mobile devices wherever they happen to be.

Global Growth

Many businesses aspire to grow globally, and aim to expand to other countries and diversify their markets. However, this will require a solid plan that will successfully lead to heightened productivity and increase in ROI. This is where this technology comes in.

One of the major ways mobile tech can help is by making client and employee data accessible even from a distant location. This results in the removal of restrictions on businesses and global barriers. It has already led to the rise of a global workforce that also promotes 24/7 international workplaces where employees can stay connected.

Boost Productivity with Mobile Tech

Such positive impacts of technology on productivity in the workplace are only made possible with the use of the right kind of gadgets. These mobile devices may be intended for personal use, but they can easily help employees keep tabs on what their tasks are and ultimately boost the production of output for the company.

These are some of the most common productivity boosting gadgets used in the workplace:


For employees, smartphones aren’t just about making personal calls or sending text messages. With the latest innovations in today’s smartphones, users can easily talk to their colleagues, update them on certain tasks even when they are away from their workspaces, and keep things light and hassle-free by eliminating the need for stacks of documents with the help of app-synchronized files.

Wearable Tech

The edge of using a smartwatch or other wearable tech device compared to a smartphone is that the former doesn’t need to be fished out of a person’s bag or pocket every time the user needs to access their emails or text messages. It’s a wearable gadget that is synchronized with smartphones and can get real-time updates. By simply raising a hand, employees can automatically be notified about the status of their workload.

49% of respondents believe that wearable technology in the workplace will improve efficiency, according to a Tech Republic survey.

Wireless Chargers

A lot of on-the-go employees are dependent on their smartphones for work-related tasks. Charging with a wireless charger helps them juice up their devices in a non-obtrusive way because of the absence of wires, while continuing to give them the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. This also promotes convenience for all employees, as they can go where they need to get the job done.


With today’s technology, anything you can do on a computer is possible on a tablet, too. With tablets, getting the job done anytime and anywhere is easier because of the convenience that these lightweight, highly portable devices offer.

Pen Tablets

Pen tablets are for designers who want to get the job done efficiently. With this tool, artists and designers won’t need to transfer their artworks from hand-drawn to digital because they can work directly on the tablet. This device makes the job faster and easier.

The impact of mobile technology is evident in the way methods of working have been shaped. As more companies continue to embrace the undeniable potential of this technology, they can also expect more productive and effective employees consistently delivering high-quality output.

Liz Pekler has contributed to PCMag, SitePoint, ReadWrite and more. She is a travel photographer with 10 years of experience in the field.

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