Making data collection easier, faster, and more accurate

Digitizing your data collection process doesn’t have to be difficult. Device Magic delivers the industrial grade capabilities you need, packaged in a solution that’s easy-to-use.

See how it works in three simple steps.

Step 1

Create your forms

Begin building customized digital forms using our low-code app builder. Easily recreate your existing forms or build new ones from scratch. Simply drag and drop to add, remove, and re-order text fields, formula fields, images, geo-tagging, bar codes, and more.

Step 2

Complete and submit your forms

Access your newly created forms in the Device Magic mobile forms app and start collecting critical data from the field. Available for iOS and Android devices, our mobile forms app allows your teams to complete and submit forms anytime, anywhere - even offline.

Step 3

Distribute your data

Send data to the right people, at the right time. Once a form is submitted, it can be delivered in any combination of formats you want - and to any number of destinations. Integrate data submissions directly into your existing systems or pull live data from your systems into form fields.

A solution that adapts to your needs

Our platform is purpose-built to integrate with your current systems. You can create forms and reports in the formats your teams are used to, customize the app with your own company branding, and much more.

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