Save Time. Ditch Paperwork. Use Mobile Forms.

Device Magic's mobile forms software and data collection app let's you collect inspections, audits, work orders, time sheets and more all on your phone or tablet. Deliver accurate data from the field to the office in real-time and create more efficient business processes.

mobile forms builder

Eliminate paper forms. Turn your audits, reports, inspections, checklists, compliance forms, timecards, and more into mobile forms.

device magic integrations

Set up Destinations to send your data exactly where you need it and in the right format. Store everything digitally so it's easily accessible.

collect and submit data with mobile forms

Capture data on your mobile devices with or without a network connection with the Device Magic mobile forms app.

submit data with mobile forms

Submit accurate data from almost anywhere in the world, back to the home office in real-time.

Conquer Your Paper Limitations.

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