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How Mobile Forms Enhanced Safety Culture at BriggsAmasco

Site Safety Reporting can be a breeze with Device Magic

It’s not often you hear about companies established over 155 years ago that are still thriving today. But that’s the case with BriggsAmasco, the UK’s leading national commercial roofing and waterproofing company. With three different operating divisions, the company provides a wide range of services, from quick-turn maintenance and repair jobs at popular fast food chains to multi-year contracts such as the Battersea Power Station project in London.

BriggsAmasco credits a lot of its longevity and success to one of the company’s core values—prioritizing the health and safety of their employees. Fostering safe work environments is embedded in everything they do, and that’s one of the main reasons BriggAmasco’s IT manager, James Wood, began researching mobile forms solutions to assist with on-site safety protocols.

“I found Device Magic online and signed up for the 14-day trial,” explained Mr. Wood. “We started using it in our repair maintenance division, then the true test was our complex safety forms. If we could utilize Device Magic for those without problems, we were going to roll it out.”

The First Big Win: Instantaneous Reports

Aside from safety, BriggsAmasco also needed a solution to retrieve data from the repair maintenance jobs faster. Historically, the field teams would manually fill out forms at the end of the day, and in some cases, at the end of the week. By implementing Device Magic mobile forms, the data began rolling into the office instantly, enabling them to deliver client reports on the same day of job completion.

“The instant reporting was a huge value because that’s what our customers expect,” said Mr. Wood. “Additionally, the thorough data and ability to include before and after pictures protects us from a legal standpoint. Say another contractor comes in after us and reports a leak, well, here is the proof that it was watertight when we finished the job.”

Tackling the Complexity of Safety

As mentioned earlier, safety is a big deal at BriggsAmasco. The forms their safety teams have to fill out on-site are multifaceted with over 33 sections covering everything from site contacts to inspection areas to set-up schedules to toolbox talk topics. Couple that with the logistics of managing health and safety protocols across three separate operating divisions, it becomes a bear of a process.

“We have an IT department, but we are not programmers. We’re handling the day-to-day support,” said Mr. Wood. “When we started the Device Magic trial I saw that it interfaced with our existing Microsoft Word forms through a simple mail merge. This was great because users were seeing the same forms they were used to—we were off to a good start.”

When Device Magic rolled out live resources, it was the final hook for Mr. Wood and the IT department. It has enabled the input of all 33 sections into a single resource file. Request for a form update? Not a problem. They are able to implement it within seconds.

Additionally, Mr. Wood has been working to automate certain form components. Depending on the company division, the form automatically identifies the business, logo, location, employee information and data retrieval workflows — the user never has to think about it.

“The live resource file is working great. It downloads as soon as our users connect. It’s the biggest improvement we’ve seen at Device Magic,” exclaimed Mr. Wood.

SMS messages are automatically sent to appropriate parties when forms are completed. However, in instances when a user misses the message or archive requests come in, the IT department is easily able to filter and retrieve any form, image or report using the unique submission IDs.

Customer Service is Key

When a company prioritizes health and safety, it comes as no surprise that they treat their employees like family. BriggsAmasco started as a family business in 1865 and putting people first has carried through to present day operations. Shared values of community and quality customer service is another big reason BriggsAmasco has continued their partnership with Device Magic since 2017.

“I like that your support team is so responsive. You start to get to know them,” said Mr. Wood. “I’ve been able to work closely with them on improvements. The product has evolved, and the support is there. That’s why we’ve grown from a 35 dollar-a-month investment to over 100 device licenses today.”

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