Mobile data collection for remote telecom jobsites

Communications companies collect field data from anywhere with Device Magic. Create custom digital forms to fill and submit from any jobsite on mobile devices.

Powerful data capture and automation processes for telecoms

Collect critical business data from remote jobsites, even offline. Submit checklists, inspections, and more from field teams, regardless of where the jobsite takes them.

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Discover countless telecom industry forms and customization options

  • Telecom Site Survey

    Gather critical information from the field to assist with telecom site identification and planning.

  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Log

    Maintain maximum uptime with vehicle condition updates, and maintenance, service and repair schedule tracking.

  • Jobsite Safety Analysis

    Protect the health and safety of your employees and cover all compliance procedures to ensure safe working environments.

  • Maintenance Work Order

    Reduce equipment downtime with the ability to instantly submit maintenance or repair work orders.

  • Timesheet

    Accurately capture all billable hours from your field teams with mobile timesheet forms.

  • Field Incident Report

    Easily track details and gather accurate records of any work-related injuries or illnesses.

  • Daily Job Progress Report

    Monitor project progress and identify areas in need of efficiency improvements with daily report submissions.

  • Near Miss Report

    Contribute to safer working environments by reporting hazards or conditions that could have led to an employee injury.