Track agricultural quality, safety, and maintenance data with ease

Your agricultural operations require a handful of data from the field to be recorded and stored. Equip your teams with Device Magic mobile forms to instantly submit data from anywhere with customized forms, checklists and reports on smartphones and tablets.

Digital data reporting for agriculture

Build custom forms for field reporting and daily inspections for your operations. Record your quality assurance checklists, maintenance inspections, and other forms right from your mobile devices – even offline. Connect Device Magic to your other software applications to get data from the field to the right people and places automatically. Create mobile forms to track all aspects of your agricultural operations, from soil and air quality, to equipment maintenance records.

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Discover countless agriculture industry forms and customization options

  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance Checklist

    Make sure all critical equipment checkpoints are covered and get real-time alerts on maintenance needs.

  • Quality Control Inspection Checklist

    Make sure quality requirements are being met with consistent criteria outlines and reporting.

  • Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    Avoid unnecessary facility or asset repair costs with regular inspections to cover your preventive maintenance criteria.

  • Risk Assessment Checklist

    Mobilize the identification, assessment and control measures of potential hazards in the workplace.