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Device Magic Mobile Forms allows organizations to quickly and easily build robust data collection systems. Ideal for work orders, proof of delivery, maintenance reports, retail surveys etc.

Enable your team to collect structured data quickly and easily on their iPhones, iPads, Android, and BlackBlackberry Devices.

Device Magic is free to use for one device. Design forms on our web-based designer, push them to your team, and route their responses through to a wide range of connectors. Forms can include validation constraints (prevent the form from being submitted) and be conditionally visible on the flow of answers already provided.

The app supports offline form completion (no network connectivity available), and saving of partially completed forms for returning to at a later time.

Collect Responses from Multiple Platforms

On the server, received forms can be submitted through a range of connectors, including: Email, SMS, Google Spreadsheets, Amazon S3, and HTTP REST endpoints. The server API also supports pushing pre-populated forms to specific members of your team, as a ‘oneshot’ work item for them to complete.

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