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Device Magic Named a Top Pick for Field Service Businesses by CIO Applications

Posted by Nancy Vodicka

Device Magic - Field Service Software of the Year CIO Applications

We’re pleased to announce that Device Magic has been named CIO Applications’ Field Service Company of the Year!

Additionally, the publication has highlighted Device Magic as one of the Top 25 Field Service Solutions for 2018 for how its mobile forms transform business operations. The selection process included a panel of “CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the CIO Applications’ editorial panel, [who] evaluated and shortlisted 25 organizations that have significantly stood out as some of the most prominent players in the field service arena for the year 2018.”

As CIO Applications explains, there’s a growing set of digital solutions for the field service industry, which was previously dominated by analog business operations. By implementing these smart technologies into field service roles, businesses now have access to analytics, mobility and data integrations. In turn, this improves employee collaboration, customer satisfaction and profit margins.

With Device Magic, users can build customized digital forms and checklists, and businesses are seeing improvements in productivity, communication, project workflows and more.

In the full article about Device Magic, CIO says, “Combining enterprise mobility with field data capture, Device Magic brings an intuitive, yet innovative mobile software and data collection app to the table. The company’s product is designed to assist field agents in capturing information from anywhere, anytime—with or without an internet connection.”

Mobile Forms Automate the Field Service Industry

Information automation through “pre-built, configurable data rules and conditional logic” is a key reason why CIO selected Device Magic as one of the top digital solutions in the field service industry, as well as company of the year. After all, field service managers know the many communication challenges of sharing information across disparate locations.

For example, it’s inefficient to share information on crumpled slips of paper, via sporadic emails or other lo-fi methods. Instead, switching to mobile forms allows your field teams to easily enter information on their mobile device, which is automatically communicated to staff back at HQ. Plus, the information that’s entered can instantly update other data systems and trigger additional workflows.

This automated communication and data transfer can save time for employees in the field, as well as in the office. In fact, when field reps use Device Magic’s mobile forms, they save an average of 11 hours per week. These easy-to-use mobile forms ensure that information is entered accurately and thoroughly. There’s no need to duplicate handwritten field notes via computer data entry, and multi-format input can combine text, photos, sketches, signatures and GPS location into a single submitted record. Furthermore, with real-time data submissions, office staff receives data three to five times faster.

These productivity gains can have a significant impact on any field service business!

How Device Magic Stands Out from Other Field Service Technologies

Some of the other technologies highlighted in CIO’s list of top field service solutions face business implementation limitations. For example, some apps are limited by their specialization. Whether the focus is on delivery, home service business, or another field, the technology may not be as adaptable as that of Device Magic, nor as versatile.

With Device Magic, users can create an unlimited number of mobile forms and practice complete flexibility in the types of forms they build. This means that you can use Device Magic for functional forms like inspection checklists or delivery confirmations, and it can be used to create operational forms such as timesheets or purchase orders.

From an IT perspective, Device Magic is customizable, easy to use and intuitive. The technology can help optimize processes in small businesses or streamline large-scale enterprise data management.

The flexibility of Device Magic lets you use it in whatever way best suits your business, alongside which it can grow as you expand into other sectors.

Device Magic Is Changing Field Service Business

Let’s look at some of the ways Device Magic has made a difference for field service businesses:

For the Montana-based utility company Spligitty Fiber Optic Services, two major challenges held back business operations. First, managers were piecemealing reports together at the end of the week. Second, field staff regularly worked in remote areas with no cellular coverage. Device Magic mobile forms solved both of these issues. Employees can now use their smartphones to input information into the mobile forms app, while managers have real-time access to the structured data. What’s more, they can use customizable PDF reports to display the information according to their specifications. Because Device Magic provides offline access, user inputs entered when out of range are automatically synced once the user regains a signal.

In another case, the food delivery business From the Farmer faced challenges with truck driver compliance and delayed information regarding customer deliveries. After the company began using Device Magic’s mobile forms, the easy-to-use app increased driver sign in and out rates to 95 percent. Additionally, the real-time updates about customer orders enabled the business to become proactive about its customer communications. This reduced the company’s number of customer service calls, while improving their quality of service.

A Mark Above the Rest

Mobile forms are changing how businesses share information, and Device Magic is providing businesses with a way to tighten production timeframes, automate workflows, and save worker hours.

“Data is a fundamental asset around which all enterprise workflows and processes revolve,” said CIO Applications. The article went on to say, “From inspections to site audits, field reports, purchase order receipts and daily work reports; collecting site pictures and geo-tags to customer signatures, Device Magic’s mobile forms handle it all.”

We’re thrilled that CIO Applications has recognized Device Magic as a top tool for business communications!

Find out how Device Magic can help your field service business.

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