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4 Reasons Why IT Professionals Choose Device Magic

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

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Your business depends upon its technology. From shared servers to wireless networks to internal applications, your IT team is responsible for widespread business infrastructure.

Oftentimes, adding new apps to help business operations also increases the workload of IT staff to set up, manage, oversee, and troubleshoot the new technology. However, smart businesses are making decisions to implement user-friendly software that minimizes the impact on IT staff.

Find out why IT professionals say that Device Magic improves the productivity of tech staff.

What Is Device Magic?

To start, let’s review what Device Magic does and how it can fit into the tools your business already uses.

Device Magic is a digital forms app that can be used for data collection, internal operations, and digitizing forms such as timesheets. Whether your company is trying to get away from paper forms or trying to move beyond inefficient systems such as email, using Device Magic’s mobile forms can increase productivity for a wide range of roles, including field workers, administrators, and managers. Using digital forms can be a part of your business’ forward-thinking initiatives to streamline internal operations and add digital functionality.

While there are many tools on the market that offer similar mobile data collection services, some key tech aspects set Device Magic apart, providing the benefits of mobile forms without placing an extra burden on IT staff.

Here are four reasons why IT professionals prefer Device Magic.

1. Customization Without Coding

No two businesses have exactly the same needs. While one-size-fits-all software may appear to reduce tech overhead, the resulting implementation will inevitably fall short.

A better solution for reducing strain on tech teams is to choose data-gathering tools that allow for customization without coding. In other words, it shouldn’t take advanced tech skills to modify the software to meet the needs of your business.

Device Magic’s flexibility is a strong asset, and it can be used across many types of use cases. For example, its mobile forms have improved productivity in the transportation and trucking industry through improved delivery forms. It’s helped the solar industry collect data in remote regions. It’s helped the construction industry improve vendor communication, and it’s helped streamline internal operations in the retail industry.

Additionally, Device Magic can be used in many capacities within a business. Each user can build unlimited forms, giving you the freedom to customize forms for HR, purchasing, work orders, inspection reports, and more.

2. Easy-to-Build Forms and Reports

Device Magic’s tools make it easy for administrators to be self-sufficient in data management. This adds to the overall productivity gain for businesses, as they maximize their tech staff’s specialized skill set.

While some form builders typically need tech experts or outside support teams to build forms, Device Magic users can easily create and manage mobile forms using Device Magic’s form builder. This makes implementation easier, and changes to forms can happen fluidly as they’re needed.

One Device Magic reviewer on Capterra said, “I love the user interface for creating our own forms. We’ve created an incredibly complex form, where only certain sections even show based on the answers to previous questions.”

Additionally, outputting data is just as user-friendly. With Device Magic’s customizable PDFs, project administrators can easily build reports to show form results and even design them to match existing templates.

By keeping these tasks off the plate of the tech staff, they’ll be freed up to focus on high-level IT projects. After all, there’s no need to replicate the ironic situation when a business’ CTO is asked to troubleshoot a printer problem.

3. Intuitive Interface

A key sign of a poor user interface is increased help-desk requests, and difficult-to-use programs will incur additional training needs. The effects of a poor UI can be as widespread as in the notorious case of Hawaii’s false missile alert, causing tech teams to scramble to patch systems and update messages.

On the flip side, an intuitive interface can reduce demands on IT support. While every tool will need some degree of tech administration, a smartly designed app such as Device Magic cuts the productivity drain on IT staff.

With Device Magic, the user interface is a core aspect of the software. It’s designed so users can effectively navigate the tool to build forms, enter information, create reports, and use advanced functions.

“The process of producing efficiency optimizers for my team has been extremely intuitive,” said a Field Operations Manager of a major cell phone carrier. “It’s allowed me to focus on design rather than how to use the program. It’s that same intuition that is baked into the online mobile form builder that makes building forms such a quick and painless process.”

4. Built-in Integrations

A key functionality of a data collection app is its software integrations, seamlessly transferring information from the point of entry, such as a jobsite, straight through to your business’ CRM, project management app, cloud storage, customer email, or other applications.

Again, the advantage of Device Magic is that it’s user-friendly. With 26+ built-in integrations, setting up these app integrations doesn’t involve complicated coding or back-end patches from IT staff. Instead, it’s a straightforward process of establishing authentication and quick set-up.

Device Magic’s built-in integrations cover many of the top tools, including Google, Salesforce, Podio, Slack, SQL, Zapier, Amazon, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and many others.

See how easy it is to get started with Device Magic mobile forms. Start a free 14-day trial.

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