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6 Software Integration Examples to Kickstart Your Digital Transformation

Posted by Jennifer Herman

Software integration for digital transformation

Software integration. It’s that buzz word that usually goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation. Companies of all sizes are looking for modern solutions to transition their out-dated processes. But it’s not always simple. It usually involves syncing several software systems to create a seamless flow of data.

Replacing paper forms with mobile forms is a smart, affordable place to start your company’s digital transformation. And software integration capabilities should be at the top of your checklist when searching for a mobile data collection solution. It’s one of the main reasons companies with existing software systems choose to onboard Device Magic – the platform supports countless integrations.

Software Integrations For Success

In this article, we’re going to highlight a few examples of how Device Magic customers have leveraged our integration capabilities to create a more efficient, accurate and automated data collection process for their business. Hopefully these will provide you with a bit of “integration inspiration” as you search for the right tool for your organization.

Dell Boomi Integration

DHI Energy Services IT manager, Greg Freeman, was in the process of moving the company from an on-premise system to a fully cloud-based environment when he onboarded Device Magic. At the time, DHI was primarily using NetSuite to enter requisitions. However, the application was complex and required the purchase of multiple user licenses. Freeman brought on Dell Boomi to connect Salesforce, NetSuite, and Device Magic. And through the Boomi and Device Magic integration, they were able to transition requisitions over to Device Magic. This created a much simpler process and reduced the number of software licenses they needed to purchase. Now, field users can log into Device Magic to receive the requisition items, and it automatically communicates with NetSuite and other operational software for reporting and management oversight.

The integration has also enabled all resources to update and refresh into Salesforce on customized schedules. It allows them to quickly filter down to current work activity, which changes hourly.

Microsoft PowerShell Integration

One of our enterprise customers in the forestry and real estate land development industry needed set up multiple approvers for the same incident report. By leveraging Device Magic’s dispatch feature and a Microsoft PowerShell integration, they were able to automate the process so when one ‘approver’ submits a signed report, it automatically removes the dispatch from the other identified approvers’ queues.

It was also important to sync Device Magic with Document Locator, the company’s document management system. Although there isn’t currently an API between the two platforms, the company’s IT manager worked with our support team to build an integration through PowerShell. Within 30 minutes, submitted data was flowing from the Device Magic database into Document Locator – proper metadata and all.

Google Drive Integration

STFS Delivery needed a more efficient and error-proof way of meeting the Department of Transportation’s daily vehicle inspection log requirements. The company onboarded Device Magic, and the drivers began using the mobile app to submit their daily reports.

Through our native Google Drive integration, they set up Destinations to simultaneously deliver the drivers’ inspection form submissions directly into the company’s Google Drive account and a specified email address. The new process eliminated the missing paperwork that was costing the company time and money.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

One of our customers in the oil & gas services industry needed a solution to streamline workflows surrounding their vehicle inspection reports. Each month, more than 70 drivers would hand deliver paper copies of their vehicle inspection reports to the office. Once their administrator received the 100+ reports, he would spend an entire work week manually entering the data into the company’s SharePoint account. It just wasn’t feasible. Our team worked with him to create an automated flow of Device Magic data submissions into the appropriate SharePoint environments. The integration eliminated the need for manual data entry – giving him an extra 40 hours each month to focus on essential, day-to-day operations.

Bodhi Integration

If you’re in the solar power industry, this one’s for you! Bodhi is a solar customer experience platform. They recently highlighted the power of a solar software stack – connecting their application to Device Magic’s mobile app to Salesforce CRM for California-based solar installation company, A.M. Sun Solar. A.M. Sun was using Device Magic to support their field operations and manage project records. At the end of each job, the installation team fills out an “End of Day” report that includes detailed installment updates and photos. A.M. Sun saw an opportunity to leverage these reports to improve their customer experience. However, they needed an easy way to filter out certain internal data points to create customer-facing versions. Through the Bodhi-Device Magic-Salesforce integration, neatly packaged “End of Day” reports are automatically created and sent to the customer as informative installation updates within the customer portal.

Zapier Integration

There are too many customer success stories to choose just one to highlight the power of the Device Magic + Zapier integration. Integrating their Device Magic account with Zapier enables our users to send data to more than 300 new destinations. To get started, you’ll need to set up a Zapier account. From there, the process is simple. You can start making your own “Zaps” to connect Device Magic with your other software systems or choose some of the existing Zaps. Some of these include:

  • Add new rows to Google Sheets from new Device Magic form submissions
  • Dispatch Device Magic forms with new Podio items
  • Add a new Google Calendar event to dispatched forms on Device Magic
  • Add Zoho Creator records for new Device Magic submissions
  • Add contacts to Mailchimp after they fill out a Device Magic form
  • Send Slack messages for Device Magic submissions
  • Create new QuickBooks online customers from your Device Magic form

Integrating Software Solutions for Your Business

There you have it – six software integration examples that have helped professionals, like you, create data collection powerhouses for their businesses. Even better news? You don’t have to figure it out all on your own. Some SaaS providers, like Device Magic, have dedicated customer support teams to help you to onboard, configure and sync the platform with your existing systems. Let us know your needs, and we’ll help you build the right solution for your organization.

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