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How Chemtek Cut Delays with Mobile Forms

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Chemtek had a data problem. They lacked a consistent process for data collection and keeping track of progress on jobs was a challenge, resulting in slower billing and fewer updates for customers.

With Device Magic, Chemtek has been able to collect data more efficiently and ultimately save time by using mobile forms. “Before it took months to get information back. Now we’re getting it within weeks, if not days,” said Chandler Alm, Senior Accountant at Chemtek.

Located in North Carolina, Chemtek is a manufacturer, distributor, and contractor with sales in over 30 countries. They have made air travel safer through their research and innovation, as well as committing to environmental responsibility in the development of products, procedures, and services.

Watch the video to see how Device Magic made the difference for Chemtek.

Daily Job Reports

Chemtek was operating without a formalized process for daily job reports. Some people would send in an email that only contained parts of the necessary information, while others would call in to their supervisor to report on their progress.

Now, Chemtek has created a system that keeps track of these reports using Device Magic. Employees don’t need to worry about finding a computer so they can send in an email, or ending up without an actual record of the work that’s been done after a phone call. It’s all submitted right to a supervisor through the mobile forms appMobile technology lets employees get work done wherever they are.

These reports let the office know how much progress has been made on each job each day, so they can ensure that they’re on track to meet deadlines for customers.

Tracking Inventory

Mobile forms are allowing Chemtek to keep track of their inventory and have a better idea of what materials are being used in the field. Having information from the forms that are being submitted means that materials can be billed to each specific job.

Chemtek has been able to start doing progress billings, instead of waiting until a job is completed and trying to work backwards. It used to take months before they would have the complete package of information needed to bill accurately for a job.

“We’re able to bill jobs twice as fast. We’re also able to keep an accurate inventory for our books,” said Alm.

Purchase Order Requests

The requests for purchase orders have been simplified with Device Magic. When Chemtek has techs working on jobs for customers at their plant, they are constantly submitting requests for parts. Once a PO request has been submitted from the app, a PO is automatically generated and pre-populated with information from the request and sent back to the office for approval through an automated workflow using Dispatch.

Techs are also using Device Magic’s features to take photos of receipts from purchases, making it easy to get them submitted. They don’t need to worry about receipts getting lost or needing to mail or scan them into the office.

This process is also saving the accounting department time by sending purchase order requests made in the Device Magic app directly to accounting. When accounting later receives the bills, they are easily able to match up the POs and make sure that each purchase was authorized.

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