Case Study

How STFS Delivery Use Device Magic

Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat outside the warehouse

Keeping up with the Department of Transportation.

Ken Tedford, President of STFS Delivery, knew he had a problem. He had to manage not just a fleet of drivers but a fleet of paperwork. A lot of that paperwork was legally mandatory. The Department of Transportation requires vehicle inspection logs at the beginning and end of each day. A driver’s failure to have the proper paperwork would cost STFS Delivery time, money, and customers.

Tedford realized he needed a more streamlined approach to collecting this critical information. Device Magic was the solution to his problem.

Transforming an unwieldy system into a manageable one.

Using Device Magic’s drag-and-drop mobile form builder, Tedford built a pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection form. After downloading the Device Magic app on their mobile devices, Tedford’s drivers could now quickly collect this crucial inspection information, error-free, and instantly deliver it back to him.

Tedford set up two Destinations in the STFS account to automatically organize the information his drivers were collecting. Now, whenever a driver completed an inspection form on their mobile device, an Excel document was delivered to STFS’ Google Drive account, while an email with the collected data was also delivered to a specified email address.

Saving $5,400 each year in incident costs.

After seeing how well Device Magic streamlined his vehicle inspection process, Tedford looked for other ways to utilize mobile forms. Several months after launching Device Magic, STFS Delivery started using Device Magic to collect pictures of package deliveries. If a package needed to be left in a specific area, Device Magic’s features ensured proper delivery by allowing drivers to take geo- and time-stamped pictures of the package’s location so it could be sent to the customer. After rolling out Device Magic to his entire fleet, customer complaints dropped dramatically. Tedford was spending an average of $450 per month on incidents. Those costs have virtually disappeared.

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