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Bonterra Solar
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Saving 7-15 hours per week and $15,000 a year on solar installations.


About the Company

Bonterra is a new kind of energy company specializing in proven solutions that deliver clean, reliable power to Hawaii’s residents and businesses. Their unparalleled experience and relationships ensure that their customers get the industry’s top-quality technology and service, all backed by leading financing and warranty options.

Where the heck is that photo?

Back in January of 2015, Guthrie Raimondo, Director of Residential Solar at Bonterra Solar, had a problem. As a solar installation company, his team of install crews needed to take 50+ quality control photos for each one of their installs. Photos showing everything from array management and wiring, to the panel serial number, to inverters.

"Our install crews were using their phones to take this huge list of photos”, said Raimondo. “We kept running into situations where the photos wouldn’t be uploaded in a prompt amount of time, photos would be missing, things of that nature.”

Raimondo decided to find an application to ensure that the right photos were taken at installation, then seamlessly uploaded to the Bonterra office. That application was Device Magic.

Saving time, money, and ensuring a happier customer.

Bonterra is now utilizing Device Magic on nearly 30 devices and has seen huge savings in time and an increase in customer attention.

“We’re seeing 7-15 hours of saved time per week, which is pretty impressive and helpful”, said Raimondo. That translates into a yearly savings of as much as $12,500!

What Bonterra Solar has to say about Device Magic?

“The product has been extremely user friendly, which for us, makes a big difference. We’re a pretty small team, so when we have products that require a great deal of technical assistance, require a lot of upkeep and management, it really stretches us pretty thin. Whereas Device Magic, since we started using, it’s been straightforward and we haven’t had any issues. It’s been great.”

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