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Paterson Simons field tech using Device Magic mobile forms app

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How Paterson Simons uses mobile forms to improve maintenance on cranes and other heavy machinery

Paterson Simons is a supplier and support service provider of heavy lifting brands and products in West Africa. It is a U.K.-based company, and official dealer for many crane and tractor brands.

Device Magic's mobile forms solution provides Paterson Simons with a way to collect rich information from remote areas like mining sites, and maintain its high standard of quality service to ports, mining sites and oil & gas operations.

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Greenewables Solar using Device Magic mobile forms software in remote locations

Greenewable Solar

Greenewable Solar uses mobile forms on their field installation teams to track projects that bring solar power to agricultural operations in rural areas.

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Channel Jets

Channel Jets is challenging how the paper-based airline industry typically works and keeps their own operations cost-effective by using mobile forms.

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baker pool backyard pool and patio

Baker Pool

Baker Pool was able to eliminate paperwork and achieve their goal of going completely paperless in the field with mobile forms. Read how they did it.

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StrongMinds using mobile forms in a therapy session


Read how StrongMinds is using mobile forms to collect data in the field from therapy groups, track program progress and operate more efficiently.

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From the Farmer rolling vegetables in wheel barrow

From the Farmer

Using mobile forms has helped to improve customer service by giving the office immediate access to information from drivers out on the road.

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International Committee of the Red Cross operation

International Committee of the Red Cross

The ICRC uses Device Magic mobile forms to assist with secure offline data collection and analysis in the field around the world.

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Arlington Heavy Hauling truck on highway

Arlington Heavy Hauling

Arlington Heavy Hauling can monitor every stage of its processes, from checking the haul through delivery, to seeing it out for transfer.

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chemtek employee using Device Magic mobile forms on iphone


See how Chemtek has cut delays from months to days and can bill twice as fast by collecting data more efficiently with Device Magic mobile forms.

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mobile forms app used for general drilling

General Drilling

General Drilling used mobile forms to increase efficiency by collecting data from the field in real-time, eliminating costly delays.

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Restaurant Equipment Services Group kitchen

Restaurant Equipment Services Group

Discover how Restaurant Equipment Services Group uses mobile forms to manage part requests, maintenance checklists, service quotes and more.

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STFS Delivery package in vehicle

STFS Delivery

Discover how STFS Delivery, a logistics business contracted by FedEx to deliver packages in the Detroit area, simplified processes and saved time.

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mobile forms app used in telecom industry

Spligitty Fiber Optics

Spligitty Fiber Optic solved their field data collection problem and can send data to the right people in real-time, even with techs in rural locations.

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