Case Study: Property Management

How Yorkshire Coast Homes used mobile forms to save £11K over 4 months and create a formalized data collection system.

Yorkshire-coast-homesWhen Steve Ellard took up his role as Asset Manager at Yorkshire Coast Homes at the end of 2012, he quickly realized he had a problem.

He was responsible for overseeing property improvements on the thousands of individual properties Yorkshire Coast Homes owned, yet surveyors were relying on an ad hoc system that was comprised of paperwork and a mix of digital solutions that was time consuming and clunky.

The company had previously tried a wide array of possible solutions, including paper forms, google forms, remote desktops, and excel, but there were downfalls to each solution; employees weren’t collecting the right data or were collecting it incompletely, often missing important fields.

That meant he sometimes couldn’t prove employees had been on site for health and safety inspections, a major liability risk.

He knew there had to be a better option—and so he set out to look for one.

Creating efficiency savings of £11K over 4 months and creating a formal data collection system for Yorkshire Coast Homes.

Steve was confident that the solution he was looking for would be a digital one. “We have a vision here that we want to become leaders in our sector with modern technology,” he explains.

So when he came across Device Magic, he was impressed. Collecting health and safety data on site helped mitigate lability and improved efficiency since surveyors no longer had to come back to the office to turn in their paperwork.

“It’s completely changed how we collect information because it’s made it simple,” Steve explains. “It’s taken what people collect in their head and formalized it, which is perfect.”

Still, he had some concerns.

Many of the companies surveyors had recorded visits manually for a very, very long time. “It can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks,” he jokes. “I expected it to be a challenge; but it wasn’t.”

With Device Magic, Steve says, “We were able to provide them with something that works so well there’s very little to find fault with.” In fact, he says they began using the system with just one user—which quickly grew to three, and then to 16 users, all in one department, without ever requiring anyone to switch.

Surveyors and Supervisors wanted to use it, Steve says, because it saved them so much time in their day-to-day work. Since implementing Device Magic Yorkshire Coast Homes has collected more than 3,000 forms; “We’ve never collected that much data before,” says Steve.

And all that extra data adds up to a lot of extra savings.

“If I gave a conservative estimate, I’d say we’ve saved over £11,000 in the last 4 months,” says Steve. “It doesn’t take long to really get value from using Device Magic.”

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