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Streamline the Patient Intake Process With Mobile Forms

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

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A long wait time is one of the most common reasons patients leave their doctor’s practice. To minimize wait times and improve the patient experience, many health industry leaders are using mobile forms to streamline the patient intake process.

Learn how mobile forms can improve your patient intake below, and get started with Device Magic today.

Traditional Patient Intake Methods

Traditionally, scheduling an appointment at a doctor’s office has looked like this:

  • The patient calls the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment
  • When they arrive at the office, they are handed a clipboard with a number of forms to complete
  • They struggle to quickly complete the forms before their appointment

New & Improved Patient Intake

Mobile forms have completely changed the patient intake process, allowing patients to quickly fill out the appropriate paperwork. That data can then be stored in an easily accessible digital format for your office.

With mobile forms, patients can fill out their intake forms from a mobile tablet in your office. This is far more convenient for patients and helps to reduce or even eliminate wait times while offering many other distinct advantages, which we’ll discuss in greater detail below.

Your forms should be as unique as your patients. See how easy it is to use the custom form builder from Device Magic.

Patients Love Mobile Forms

Patients love mobile forms, because they can be much easier to complete. Many patients appreciate the fact that they can quickly fill out their information and hit submit. In addition to the speed and efficiency of mobile forms, custom tooltips can be added to help explain certain fields if patients need clarification. This makes the process much easier for patients while reducing the time needed for your front office staff to answer questions.

Health Care Professionals Love Mobile Forms

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are always looking for ways to simplify and improve the patient intake process. Mobile forms offer many advantages, including:

  • Schedule more patients. Because mobile forms can often be completed faster than traditional paper forms, you can get patients in and out of your office faster. That’s better for the patient experience and your bottom line.
  • Customize your forms. With a custom form builder tool like Device Magic, you can quickly and easily customize your forms. Create fields for all of the information you need to collect and easily disseminate changes across your forms.
  • Secure and compliant. Thousands of organizations use Device Magic to stay safe and compliant everywhere, every day. With our software, you can easily define user levels, permissions, and more to keep patient information secure.
  • Stay organized. Instead of antiquated filing cabinets overflowing with documents, mobile forms allow you to store all important patient information electronically. This eliminates the time needed for front office staff to transfer information into your database and makes it much easier for physicians and staff to access the information they need in a digital record.

Device Magic Mobile Form Features

Device Magic allows you to build custom forms tailored to your practice’s specific needs. Some of the innovative features of mobile forms include:

  • Offline access. Complete mobile forms and capture data from anywhere, even without internet access.
  • Easy form builder. Create custom forms using a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Data storage. Deliver and store data from mobile forms in a variety of formats.
  • Define user groups. Define user groups with varying access levels to help keep data secure.
  • Analytics. Access charts and customized analytics dashboards to review and track data from your forms.

Streamline Your Patient Intake Process Today

One of the best ways to improve patient satisfaction is to streamline the patient intake process. With Device Magic mobile forms software, you can improve the overall patient experience while streamlining administrative tasks. Get started today with a free account!


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