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Is a Mobile Forms Solution Right for Your Business?

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

Device Magic mobile forms app integration for Geotab shown on Mac desktop

With mobile devices becoming more and more prevalent across the business world, it’s easy to forget about our old friend, paper. Remember paper? You used to physically write on it, then store it for future reference.

For lots of businesses, becoming paperless isn’t so easy. For one, their business has always used paper, so transitioning away from it is daunting. Another factor is fear of technology. Trying to adopt a tech-forward approach in a non-tech environment has its own set of challenges.

The True Cost of Paper Forms

The biggest equalizer for those issues, however, is cost. Cost is always at the forefront of a business. So what is the actual cost of running a business on paper?

  • The average U.S. employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper a year which = 20 reams of paper.
  • One ream of paper costs $7.99.
  • The cost of paper per employee = $159.80 / year.
  • Now multiply this for 20 employees and you’re talking about $3,196 / year in paper.


Now consider the time it takes to file and find a paper document.

  • Filing per page can take 5 min.
  • Finding a page, if filed correctly, can take up to 15 min. Of course, if a page is filed incorrectly, it can take a lot longer.


As an example, let’s file 10,000 pages.

  • 10,000 pages X 5 min per page = 50,000 minutes.
  • 50,000 minutes is 833+ hours or 34+ days!


So if you’re a 20 person company, you’re spending over a month each year filing paperwork and over $3,000 on paper. And that doesn’t even account for the cost of storage space and filing cabinets.

Digital Alternatives to Paper

Once you see those figures, you may start to look at the alternatives. How can you save time and money? How can you help your employees be more productive and resolve queries faster?

Most documents floating around a company are forms. Paperwork that exchanges hands with your clients, suppliers, or between employees. Invoices, client information, inspection documents, time sheets, etc. Each business is different but each businesses needs this data collected and stored in a quick and reliable solution.

What is the solution here?

For more and more companies, a mobile forms solution like Device Magic is the answer. Device Magic works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the Device Magic app
  2. Design your forms using our drag-and-drop online form builder
  3. Complete and submit your forms from your existing mobile device
  4. Data is sent to your preferred destination in the format you choose


How Device Magic works

Restaurant Equipment Service Group is one organization that uses Device Magic to get them one step closer to being a paperless office. They calculated that they’re saving about 12 hours of time each week simply by not having to re-enter data. That translates into a yearly savings between $15,000 – $18,000!

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