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How to Generate Custom Microsoft Word or PDF Reports with Device Magic

Posted by Jennifer Herman

Considering a mobile forms app to help streamline your data collection process? But concerned about how it will impact your report outputs? We hear this a lot. The bottom line is professional teams need the ability to customize their reports. The most common format request: custom Microsoft Word or PDF reports.

It’s important to find a solution that allows you to create and upload custom templates to generate reports in the formats in which you need them. Fortunately, Device Magic offers the ability to customize a PDF or Word version of your submission data. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with a step-by-step video tutorial and helpful feedback from Device Magic users.

Video Guide: Creating Custom Templates to Generate Word or PDF Reports

This feature can be helpful in many situations. Perhaps you need to replicate report formats that your clients are accustomed to receiving. Or maybe you want to give your existing forms and reports a more professional look. You can do it all within the Device Magic platform. Watch the video below for an introduction on how to make the layout of your Word or PDF report match your original form or create something completely new.

Custom Templates Deliver Big Value

The ability to format submission data with custom templates and generate Word or PDF reports exactly how they want them has been a huge benefit for many Device Magic users. Below are just a few examples of how our customers have found this feature useful in their everyday operations.


“When we started the Device Magic trial I saw that it interfaced with our existing Microsoft Word forms through a simple mail merge. This was great because users were seeing the same forms they were used to—we were off to a good start.” – James Wood, IT Manager

BriggsAmasco is a UK-based commercial roofing and waterproofing company. They partnered with Device Magic to help streamline company-wide safety protocols and their repair maintenance division operations. For both use cases, the customization capabilities were crucial to meet the compliance and client demands.

Farmers National Company

“Device Magic’s ability to deliver reports in both PDF and Word formats allowed us to have the flexibility that we needed to deliver the product our clients wanted. And that’s something the competitive options we researched did not offer.” – Matt Gunderson, VP of sales and marketing

Farmers National Company needed a mobile data collection tool to help facilitate and scale their new collateral inspections business line. With several moving parts and inspectors flying across the country to perform the inspections, they needed the ability to easily go into a report, make edits or fill-in missing items and resubmit. The ability to do this and produce custom Word and PDF reports was a major reason Farmers National ultimately chose to partner with Device Magic.

Additional Customer Feedback

“The fact that Device Magic just worked out of the box, and for the most part I have good user control to customize things makes it very useful.” – Starr Livingstone, general manager, Channel Jets

“It facilitates the creation of forms and adapting the existing forms for new uses that are sent both to our customers or partners of our company. This saves us a lot of time in our daily activities and has a nice design.” – Johnny G., small business administrator, G2 Review

Next Tutorial: Microsoft Excel Templates

Eager to create your own custom Word or PDF templates with Device Magic? You can get started by signing up for a free 14-day trial. Before you dive into the trial, we also encourage you to check out our blog on generating reports using Microsoft Excel templates. Device Magic users now have the option to create and upload customized Excel report templates when selected as the submission format for available destinations.

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