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How to Generate Custom Reports using Microsoft Excel Templates

Posted by Jennifer Herman

When it comes to selecting a mobile data collection application for your organization, we understand customization capabilities rank high on the priority list–especially when it comes to building your forms and reports. In many cases, the ability to create custom PDF or Word reports checks the box. (Of course, we have you covered in that arena.) But those formats aren’t necessarily ideal when data charts, tables or formulas are involved. And that’s why we’ve added custom Microsoft Excel templates to the mix.

Video Guide: Creating & Using Custom Excel Templates

Device Magic offers the ability to create and upload customized Excel report templates when selected as the submission format for available destinations. Once you get all of your form placeholders into the Excel spreadsheet, you can leverage Excel functions to manipulate submitted form data and incorporate calculations, formulas, charts, pivot tables, the list continues. And we’ll show you how to do it! Check out the video below for an introduction to Excel templates and how to create custom reports within our platform. 

So what are the benefits of custom Excel templates?

The simple answer can be summed up with the “three C’s”:

  • Expanded customization
  • Enhanced calculations
  • Data charting

However, Excel templates were actually introduced to facilitate some of the more complex use cases and needs of our users. This feature supports integrations with native Excel analysis and calculation tools, giving users the ability to incorporate advanced data organization into their reports. Here are a few use case examples:

  • Timesheets: A trucking services company wanted to start leveraging Device Magic for employee timesheets. However, they weren’t just logging employee hours. They needed to replicate a multifaceted grid of information, including trip destinations, number of loads and oil volume, which wouldn’t be possible with Word’s limited charting capabilities. Recreating their timesheets in a custom Excel template was the solution they needed to streamline this daily process.
  • Safety reports: A field service management software company needed to recreate a complex fire safety form that covered everything from pump manufacturer information to discharge, suction and net pressure readings. A critical component of the report was a pressure (Psi) to gallons per minute comparison graph. Now they are able to easily incorporate the charted data in the report outputs by leveraging the Excel templates feature.
  • Quality analysis: An environmental testing provider for the oil and gas sector uses Device Magic to record, access and analyze soil samples from one place. Due to the highly intricate nature of the collected testing data, they need enhanced charting and calculation capabilities to compile executive reports. Excel templates deliver this functionality.

How to Get Started

The custom Excel templates feature is available for Device Magic’s Enterprise Plan level. If you’re not already a customer, not to worry! You can test out the full functionality in our free trial. Once you’ve signed up for the trial, you’ll have the option to create and upload customized Excel templates when selected as the submission format for email, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, HTTP(S), ShareFile, SFTP, Slack and Evernote destination types.

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