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How to Collect Paperwork From Remote Teams

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

woman completing paperwork remotely while working from home

Navigating the complexities of remote work can be uncharted territory for many businesses. Now, more than ever, organizations are challenged to stay connected with their clients and their employees outside of the traditional office setting. As workplace environments continue to shift, how do teams make the necessary changes to tools and technologies to enable success from afar? How do you collect internal documents and paperwork from remote employees without physically being present?

There’s a simple solution that beats emailing back-and-forth all day. Allow your teams to go digital with mobile forms.

Completing Forms Remotely on Mobile Devices

Today’s smartphones and tablets provide businesses with the hardware needed to streamline operations. By using a mobile app to digitize your form submission and data collection, your business can increase its productivity, reduce friction points and automate processes (without ever stepping foot inside the office).

Mobility and connectivity are key to completing jobs successfully, efficiently, and of course, accurately. That’s why businesses across all industries recognize the benefits of equipping frontline employees with mobile solutions.

Consider the Benefits

  • Increase in Efficiency. Without a digital process in place, data collected in the fields on a paper form must be mailed or carried back to an office before it can be processed and used. And even then, it may need to be moved or sent multiple times to eventually reach the proper person or destination. With digital forms, data can be accessed instantly; even by remote workers.
  • Reduce Errors and Duplicate Work. With traditional paper forms, information must be keyed into your system. That means that the form effectively must be filled out twice, which wastes valuable business time and resources. Your business could save an average of 10 hours per week by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry with a digital solution.
  • Access Data in Real-Time. For your business to operate at optimal efficiency, you need immediate access to what’s happening in the field. If you’re relying on paper sales reports, for example, you’re not getting the information from your salespeople in the field as quickly as you need it. Since almost all field salespeople have smartphones or tablets, going paperless means you can connect to them and get information in real-time.
  • Speed Up Your Billing Cycle. Using paper invoices can cause long lead times between invoice issuance and the receipt of remittance. There’s also the possibility that paper invoices will get lost in transit or even mailed to the wrong address. Both are potentially catastrophic.

Empower Remote Teams with Mobile Forms

Collecting paperwork from remote teams has never been easier. For remote operations, mobile forms offer the perfect combination of mobility and digitization in an easy-to-use app. Digital forms are inherently more intelligent than physical paper forms and can be customized to your organization’s unique needs. Here’s how it works:

  • Build your forms online using a drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need to rely on an IT team to create your forms. Using the drag and drop form builder, you can create any type of form or data collection tool. Device Magic’s app allows for multimedia data entry. That means users can include text, photos, sketches, GPS coordinates, signatures and more. You can even set up conditional workflows so different activity happens based upon the information entered into the form.
  • Access your forms from any location. Mobile Forms are fully-functional offline so teams can work from anywhere, at any time, regardless of internet connectivity. The Device Magic app for iOS and Android captures data in real-time and automatically submits the data when the signal is restored. Your team might be dispersed, but your data doesn’t have to be.
  • Streamline any existing workflows. It’s your data, you decide where it goes. Does your information need to be sent to a supervisor or client? Predefined workflows within the form builder enable forms to be sent to multiple recipients, in multiple formats. Need a clean PDF result? There’s an option for that. Sending your data straight to your back-end system at the home office? Device Magic does that too.

Start Digitizing Your Paperwork Today

Here’s how to quickly get started using mobile forms for your business.

Learn more about how your business can thrive when employees use Device Magic to complete paperwork and submit forms remotely.

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