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Drag and Drop Form Builder: Create Mobile Forms in Minutes

Posted by Brett Long

Device Magic drag and drop form builder

We live in a world where we are used to having information and solutions at our fingertips. We are busy and constantly looking for ways to streamline processes, save time, and do things more efficiently, especially when it comes to the paperwork required to run our businesses.

Reports, checklists, surveys, and other documentation help keep businesses running smoothly. These documents should be easy to create and modify, reflect your branding, and be accessible even when offline. The drag and drop form builder from Device Magic makes it easy to do all of these things and more.

Introducing: The Device Magic Drag & Drop Form Builder

Device Magic has many different features designed to streamline the creation and use of custom mobile forms like surveys, reports, and checklists. One of the most dynamic and innovative features is our convenient drag and drop form builder. This user-friendly interface makes it easy build custom forms from scratch or by modifying preset templates to your exact specifications.

The form builder allows you to create specific documents tailored to the needs of your business. You can include as much or as little information as you need about a specific task or procedure. Simply select your preferred fields, drag them into your form, and customize them to your needs. It’s that easy.

Benefits of the Form Builder

Device Magic’s Drag and Drop Mobile Form Builder is designed to make your life easier. It can help your business become more productive, sustainable, and efficient. Here’s how:

Go Paperless

Top-performing businesses are always looking for ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Instead of creating a form and printing it out every time you need it, Device Magic makes it easy to access forms from anywhere, eliminating the need to have a specific form with you when you’re on the go. With mobile forms, you can access, fill out, and share your forms from anywhere.

Digital forms have been proven to be delivered faster and with fewer errors than paper forms, and they can significantly reduce the time you spend looking for, organizing, and filing paperwork. Going paperless can improve efficiency, eliminate the need for duplicating work, and reduce errors relating to double-entry.

Easy Data Collection

The forms, checklists, and reports that you create with the Device Magic drag and drop form builder can be filled out even when you are offline. It’s easy to collect, analyze, share, save, and print data from your completed forms.

Seamless Distribution & Integration

One of the main benefits of creating a mobile form is the ability to quickly and easily share the data you collect. Device Magic not only gives you control over how your forms look and feel, but it also lets you decide who you share the information with. The Dispatch feature, for instance, allows you to send your forms with pre-populated date to your team in the field. Once your forms are completed, you can then easily manage which team members receive the data—in a number of useful formats (like PDF, XML, Docs, JSON and more).

In addition to easy sharing, your forms can also be integrated with many of the most popular business platforms you’re already using. Device Magic offers integrations with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SQL, Salesforce and more.

How to Design Useful Mobile Forms

Your reports, forms, checklists, and work logs should be professional and represent your brand. They should also include all of the information that your team needs to do their jobs successfully. The Device Magic drag and drop form builder allows you to create custom forms in just minutes. Here’s how to use the form builder:

  1. Log into your Management Console and click “+ New Form”
  2. Select a pre-made template, or start with a blank draft
  3. Title the form and include a description
  4. Drag and drop fields into the form
  5. Modify fields to your exact specifications
  6. Use the “Preview” tab to see your form in real-time and adjust it using the “Properties” tab
  7. Save and Exit

That’s it! In just a few minutes you can create a form that includes all of the information you need.

Mobile Forms Field Types

Device Magic offers over a dozen unique field types that you can easily include within your form. Some of our most popular field types include:

  • Free Text. A space where users can elaborate on their findings, ask questions, or provide more details on the information they’ve provided.
  • Yes/No Questions. Simple yes or no questions are helpful for checklists, as they allow users to quickly answer multiple questions that do not require further explanation.
  • Images. The ability to drag and drop image fields creates a more innovative form that provides more information for the end-user. These fields allow users to upload photos to the form—perfect for documenting issues or problems during inspections.
  • Signatures. Official documents need signatures. Device Magic allows you to easily add a signature box at the end of every form.
  • And more. You can also add single-select questions, multiple select questions, geo-mapping, date and time boxes, sketches, and more.

Work from Any Device

Device Magic was built for teams that are always on the go. You needs access to your documents and data no matter where you are, which is why the Offline Forms feature is so useful. Create, modify, and complete custom mobile forms from any location.

Try Device Magic for Free

Begin a free trial today and see how easy it is to use our drag and drop form builder. Change the way you create, use, collect, analyze, share, save and send data with custom mobile forms.

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