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Device Magic Expands Data Collection Capabilities with New Web Forms App

Posted by Jennifer Herman

User logs into Device Magic web forms app.

The new application brings full mobile app functionality and experience to web-based users.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Device Magic’s web forms app now supports dispatch functionality

October 4, 2021 – Dispatch functionality is now enabled for Device Magic’s web forms app to further enhance workflow capabilities across mobile- and web-based users.

Device Magic users can leverage the dispatch feature to send forms with pre-loaded data, such as details for a work order, to a web forms app user. The dispatched form will automatically show up in the dispatch tab when the team member logs into the web forms app on their laptop, desktop or other web-supported device. This includes geo-located and geo-fenced dispatches.

Dispatch workflows can also be created between mobile- and web-based users. This allows administrators to automate the collection and distribution of data across their entire team, no matter which digital device they are using. Customize dispatch workflows to send forms in an ordered sequence to all team members who need to fill out information before passing it to the final destination.

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Raleigh, N.C. – May 13, 2021 – Device Magic, an industry-leading mobile data collection platform, announced today a robust web forms application. The enhanced app mirrors Device Magic’s mobile forms application interface, and provides users with the ability to complete and submit forms from their desktop computers, laptops or any web-based device.

In response to the current workforce landscape, employers are tasked with finding data collection software to accommodate three major categories of workers: fully-mobile, hybrid and office-based. Device Magic web forms app was designed to facilitate workflow flexibility and process efficiencies among these groups, specifically mobile- and web-based users. Now, data collection can be done in the field using the mobile forms app on an Android or iOS-supported device, or be completed at home or the office by accessing the web forms app through a web browser.

“Device Magic’s web forms app provides a solution to common workflow challenges, such as approval sign-offs from a desktop on collected form data,” said Peter Schulz, vice president of product at Device Magic. “Our users now have access to the same data collection capabilities whether they’re using a smartphone or a desktop computer. Forms can be completed and submitted anytime, anywhere, from virtually any digital device.”

Device Magic web forms app offers the same multimedia functionality as the mobile forms app, including camera, sketching and geotagging functions. Users can access the web forms app by scanning a device authentication QR code or by logging in with an email address associated with a connected device. Web forms app is now available for Device Magic Professional and Enterprise plan users – learn more here. Interested parties can test the new feature to see if it is a fit for their organization by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

About Device Magic:

Device Magic is an industrial grade mobile data collection solution used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Device Magic’s integrated platform enables professional teams to create customized digital forms and automated workflows to seamlessly collect and distribute data from anywhere, even offline. Founded in 2011, the Raleigh-based company has become a leader in the continued development of innovative functions, features and integrations to meet the evolving data collection needs of professional teams across a variety of industries. For more information, visit or call 855-257-9650.

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