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Save Time And Go Worry-Free with Device Magic’s New Customer Service Packages

Posted by Jennifer Herman

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What’s New

Device Magic is excited to announce our new white glove services for form building and app management. When we built Device Magic over a decade ago, we intentionally designed our product for the DIYer. Our drag-and-drop form-builder empowered people to easily build their own data collection solutions. And to that end, our user interface has always been the industry leader for ease-of-use.

However, a growing number of customers are tasked with launching seamless data collection programs on expedited timelines – amidst everything else on their plates. When time is precious and peace-of-mind is at a premium, our dedicated support team and services can step in.

Why It Matters

Device Magic customer James Wood, IT manager at BriggsAmasco, said it best: “We have an IT department, but we are not programmers. We are handling the day-to-day support.”

Our customers need solutions backed by strong customer support. That’s exactly why Device Magic now offers the white-glove support services. Our support team ensures fast deployment and ongoing program success so our customers can continue managing their everyday responsibilities with peace-of-mind.

Customer Feedback

Customers who have implemented Device Magic with the help of our dedicated support services are experiencing positive results and a quick return on their investment.

“Sometimes you need someone that’s in this with you from a partnership perspective to go through the thick and thin with it. Device Magic has become a great partner. And that drives success for everyone involved.” Matt Gunderson, senior vice president of sales & marketing, Farmers National Company

“I like that your support team is so responsive. I’ve been able to work closely with them on improvements. The product has evolved, and the support is there. That’s why we’ve grown from a 35 dollar-a-month investment to over 100 device licenses today.” James Wood, IT manager, BriggsAmasco

“I’ve been using this software for a year now. It’s stable, reliable, designed with the user in mind. When I experienced trouble with a form submission, the support team found a solution very quickly and helped me fix my issue without losing data.” Bartosz Kolodziejczak, CEO, SENERGIA

How It Works

Our white-glove services were developed to provide a full spectrum of form building and management support. Our team of experts works with customers to build, test, refine, deploy, optimize and expand their digital data collection solutions. To meet the varying professional needs of our users, we offer two tiers of service packages.

Standard Services

  • Specialized onboarding assistance, including initial app setup
  • Ongoing form building, configuration and maintenance, including form updates and changes
  • Custom templates & reports support to ensure your data is distributed in the formats you need

Premium Services

  • Everything included with the standard support package, plus …
  • A dedicated support manager assigned to your account
  • Comprehensive support level agreement tailored to your business needs

Guaranteed Support, No Matter What

Not yet sure if you need our form building and app management services? You can still take advantage of our FREE onboarding support. We’ll build your first form for free. Plus, all of our customers have access to our online Help Center and support team via email, live chat, and phone.

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