Mobile Forms for Logistics Companies: Track your Ops with Accurate Data

Mobile Forms for Logistics

Mobile forms data collection software helps logistics and fleet management companies track and log information in real-time. Digital delivery and storage of shipment, driver and vehicle information gives organizations a big picture view of their operations and enables them to make informed decisions. Using Device Magic also leads to cost savings and more accurate data. It's why our mobile forms software is used by thousands of organizations worldwide every day.

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Logistics and fleet management organizations rely on the synchronization of critical data from the field to the office. Managers at HQ often need to know the status of vehicles and deliveries, as well as time logs and locations. Mobile forms automation software like Device Magic allows these teams to collaborate and share information in real-time. Drivers and field workers complete forms to instantly share data with office employees, business software applications or data storage systems.

Digital Forms for Logistics Organizations

  • Delivery and Drop-off Reports
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklists
  • Work Order and Purchase Order Forms
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Vehicle Status & Maintenance Log Forms
  • Geolocation and Timestamp Reporting

After determining what data needs to be collected, managers and team leaders decide which fields and related information to include in their mobile forms. These forms are built with our simplified, no-code online form builder. They can be easily sent to staff in the field for completion on the Device Magic app. With this app, field workers can submit signatures, photos and timestamps, in addition to question responses. Forms can also be saved and stored in the app for later completion.

Once configured, submitted mobile forms can trigger complex workflows and business automation sequences. Put into practice, this might involve sending an email or text to a manager, updating a record or file in a program like Dropbox, or editing a status in a CRM or project management tool. These electronic data collection methods help automate processes and save hours of time lost using manual and paper-based data entry methods.

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Digital Forms App for Logistics

Send your forms to drivers and field reps for completion in the mobile forms app. The forms app provides a simple yet flexible platform for employees to input and send information. In addition to free response, multiple choice and calculated questions, you can easily record rich data like photos and signatures. Effortlessly create digital forms to capture all the business data you need from drivers and service staff in the field.

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Track Deliveries and Trips in Real-time

When your drivers complete a form or report on their device, it's automatically sent to managers and your organization's storage accounts. Choose where your data is sent with custom data destinations and set up automated business processes to trigger when forms are submitted. By customizing your form workflow, you can stay on top of logistics processes from start to finish. Device Magic also conveniently integrates with Geotab fleet management software.

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Record Images, Signatures & Locations

Timestamp or geo-tag locations to keep track of where your drivers and vehicles are in the field, and know exactly when an incident took place. Capture photos of vehicles, equipment or inventory. Collect signatures from customers or vendors right in the app. Record all critical business information right on your mobile device, and send the form to supervisors in your preferred format, such as a customized PDF.

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How Arlington Heavy Hauling Went Digital and Saved Capital with Mobile Forms

Operating out of Florida, Arlington Heavy Hauling is a large specialized hauler with many years of industry experience hauling construction equipment and other large machinery. When Arlington realized it was using an antiquated system that required drivers to complete multiple paper forms for each delivery, its vice president, Gary Ayers, turned to Device Magic mobile forms to solve their efficiency issue.

Arlington began using the Device Magic forms platform as a way to go paperless and issued tablets to its drivers for completing digital forms. Gary and his team built custom, business-specific forms for drivers to complete in the mobile forms app on their new tablets. These forms included photos, GPS locations and timestamps. They also set up workflows for the information collected from the forms to be emailed to the proper managers and dispatchers.

Not only did Gary and his crew see improvements in efficiency, but they also began receiving more accurate and more complete data in their forms. Spending less money on paper and less time waiting to receive haul data led to business success for Arlington. Its teams enhanced their service monitoring techniques and gained better insights into their operations thanks to the ability to receive data from the field in real-time.

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Gary Ayers, Vice President
Arlington Heavy Hauling

Orange quotations Device Magic has streamlined our communication tremendously, which translates to saved time and money."

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