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How Arlington Heavy Hauling Is Using Device Magic

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Going paperless to improve the the efficiency and accuracy of every haul.

Gary Ayers, Vice President of Arlington Heavy Hauling, knew it was time to go paperless. “We were using an antiquated system”, he explained. For each load his drivers were hauling, they were required to complete 5 different paper forms, some of which needed to be completed while on the road. To improve efficiency, Gary needed to find another way to collect this data. What he found was Device Magic.

More insight equals more satisfied customers and safer drivers.

After purchasing Android tablets for its drivers, Arlington Heavy Hauling began the process of transitioning to paperless forms via Device Magic. They were soon seeing huge increases in efficiency and accuracy.

Using Device Magic’s drag-and-drop online form builder, Gary and his team built a form that his drivers could complete from the road, with or without an Internet or cellular connection. After downloading the Device Magic app on their tablets, drivers could now complete this form, which included photos, timestamp and GPS data, and send it back to the office instantly.

To receive submitted forms from the road, Gary set up an email Destination in their Device Magic account to automatically deliver the information from his drivers to the appropriate people. Now, whenever a driver completed a form, an email with the collected data was sent to specified email addresses, which included dispatchers.

This gave dispatchers immediate insight into every stage of a haul, which allowed them to relay detailed information to the customer, much to their delight.

Dispatchers could also use this information to send assistance to a driver. “[Drivers] can upload a blown tire, for example, and we can utilize the GPS info to get them help,” said Ayers. “This helps to keep drivers safe and speeds up the whole maintenance request process.”

More accurate deliveries and efficient routes.

Thanks to Device Magic, every load from Arlington Heavy Hauling is now much more accurate. Device Magic’s features made it easy for Gary and his team to monitor every stage of the process, from checking the haul through delivery, to seeing it out for transfer. Having this information readily available allows Gary to analyze each delivery to find efficiencies. Time stamped data and GPS coordinates can be downloaded from his Device Magic account to calculate the efficiency of different routes and drivers. Gary can quickly identify if a delivery is off schedule and if the problem can be addressed in advance.

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