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Job Safety Analysis App for Workplace Checklists and Compliance Audit Forms

Ensure Safety and Compliance with Digital Inspection Forms and Job Safety Checklists

Thousands of organizations use Device Magic to stay safe and compliant everywhere, every day. Our mobile forms software and job safety analysis app make processes like conducting safety inspections and checklists, completing incident reports, maintaining OSHA compliance and optimizing risk audits simple, yet powerful.

As a result, businesses from all industries use us onsite, in the field and in the office to improve data quality, increase operational efficiency and maximize productivity. A top-rated app for mobile data collection, Device Magic helps your team keep risks low and results high.

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Starr Livingstone, General Manager

"We’ve evolved into using mobile forms for our training system, for our compliance system, for our safety system and virtually every key component of our operation."

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Gus Diehr, CFO and Treasurer

"We've got daily job updates, condition of equipment reports, daily driver logs and general inspections. Device Magic gets what we need as an organization that runs remote operations. Device Magic is doing everything we need it to do."

Take Your Safety to the Next Level with Device Magic Job Safety Analyses and Inspections

Work Faster and Smarter

Create straightforward, user-friendly inspections, checklists and audits in minutes. Complete reports anywhere, anytime - even without an internet connection. Securely transmit data from onsite to the office in minimal time with electronic submission. Save an average of 11 field rep hours each week, and get information 3 to 5 days faster with real-time data capture.

Top Digital Forms for Safety Inspections

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Checklists
  • Compliance Audit Inspections
  • Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklists
  • Risk Assessment Forms
  • Tailboarding Checklists

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Identify Top Injuries, Risks and Accident-Prone Teams

In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds, adding up to 4.6 million injuries every year. Utilize job safety analysis checklists, incident reports and hazard assessments to determine which issues are most common and which teams are highly prone to risk. Manipulate and analyze the data you’ve collected with Analytics to optimize safety standards and establish preventive strategies.

Determine Root Causes of Recurring Problems and Incidents

On average, utilizing mobile forms has resulted in a 23% reduction in incidents and shaved 7 hours off of each inspection. And with Device Magic, users communicated with customers, suppliers and staff communicate at least 10x faster. So, you can identify, document and resolve the core issues behind common incidents quickly and effectively. Device Magic users also report a 30% increase in compliance.

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Collect Accurate, Reliable Information

Keep your team safe by eliminating errors caused by manual data entry and processing. Build custom compliance checklists and workplace safety forms that feature mandatory compliance items for OSHA and related legislation. Collect rich data like images, signatures and sketches for added detail, and utilize required fields to ensure your technicians and inspectors complete reports. 71% of Device Magic customers report gaining access to accurate data sooner.

Reference Past Reports, Audits and Documentation at Any Time

OSHA requires work-related injury and illness reports to be maintained for at least five years. In addition, the indirect costs of work absences and investigations are an estimated 2.7x that of direct costs. Securely store records like inspection reports, job safety analysis checklists and risk audits in the Cloud for your reference. Access and review OSHA 300, 300A and 301 logs at any time in your Device Magic Management Console to avoid fines and stay legally compliant.

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Optimize Safety Culture and Processes

Ensure job sites and workplaces are safe by immediately gathering and transferring precise data you can depend on. Using a JSA app has led to more than a 30% increase in the number of inspections performed, resulting in fewer overall workplace safety issues. Instantly respond to incidents, schedule maintenance, assign tasks, send reports and determine areas for improvement. Develop better safety standards, standardize protocols and establish quality preventive strategies to set your team up for success.

Every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. That's 4,600,000 workplace injuries a year.

Collect information faster, and solve problems more effectively. Get accurate, actionable safety and compliance data to build towards a safer workplace.

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104 Million production days were lost to work-related injuries in 2017.

Easily create and implement safety inspection checklists and risk assessment forms for optimized job safety analysis with Device Magic. Get better data to help you work towards a safer workplace. Try Device Magic for free today.