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Mobile Forms for Construction

Device Magic is a mobile forms application used every day by thousands of organizations across the globe. Many construction companies enjoy the flexibility of Device Magic when it comes to field reporting and going paperless. Construction daily reports and safety inspections are among the many practical uses of mobile forms for construction and engineering companies. Device Magic's data collection app for construction projects streamlines the collection of your work orders, assessments, time sheets, PTO requests, job reports, and more.

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Picture this: a construction company that requires daily job reports from the field. Progress, materials inventory, and time information is required to be communicated with the company office. This data needs to be collected from the field and shared with the office as quickly as possible. Sometimes photos or coordinates of a specific location on the site are needed to be communicated.

Digital Construction Forms

  • Site Surveys
  • Job and Activity Reports
  • Site and Safety Inspection Checklists
  • Time and Material Logs
  • Weekly Progress Reports

Construction companies relying on traditional paper forms or continuous back-and-forth emailing may or may not be able to capture that photo or GPS coordinate data. Even if they do, they are experiencing lots of errors in information and have lots of room to improve collaboration and efficiency.

A mobile forms solution like Device Magic allows administrators in the office to determine what fields should be used in the form to collect data. It also gives technicians in the field an easy-to-use mobile forms app to fill out forms on iOS and Android devices.

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Electronic Construction Forms on Tablets

Taking notes on yellow pads? Uploading unformatted pictures to multiple places? Not ideal. With Device Magic mobile forms for construction, you can take pictures on your mobile device, identify them and add notes, and deliver them all to one secure location. Make your businesses infinitely more efficient.

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Digitize and Automate Paper Processes

Inspections. Job reports. Checklists. Complete them all more efficiently with mobile forms. Build everything with our drag-and-drop online mobile form builder. Create flexible workflows so the right people get the right data. Sit back and let your automated processes do the rest.

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Get Things Done Faster

Stop relying on operators to drop their time sheets and submittal forms off at the shop on time. With digital construction forms, there's no waiting. Team members submit forms on their device and it's automatically delivered to the office. Get what you need each day without any delays.

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How General Drilling Found Success with Device Magic

General Drilling needed to get information back quicker from the quarries their teams operate inside. They often had a 1-2 week delay to get field information back in to the office. They have driver logs, daily job updates, equipment condition reports, and general inspections. These forms and reports were initially conducted on paper. Delays in delivery of these forms could cause issues in billing, safety, or compliance regulations. General Drilling decided to test Device Magic with a free 14-day trial.
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What they got was a solution to more than just their delay problems. General Drilling had found the right solution to go digital. They alleviated many of their delays and inconsistency issues by rolling out Device Magic to their entire team. General Drilling now has their data submitted electronically, in real-time. Their data is also now automatically stored in their cloud-based storage system after forms are submitted. Switching to mobile forms has resulted in saving time and costs, and has improved operational efficiency.

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Gus Diehr, Treasurer and CFO,
General Drilling

Orange quotationsDevice Magic gets us what we need as an organization that runs remote operations. We need to have everything submitted electronically in real-time. We need to be able to collect data without an internet connection. Device Magic is doing everything we need it to do.”

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