Mobile Apps & the Construction Industry


Mobile apps have long since evolved from social media and addictive games. Today, businesses rely on them to keep their workforce flexible and lean. The construction industry is no different. More and more often, construction businesses are turning to mobile apps to help them save time and money.

Why do the same job more than once?

Unfortunately for a lot of companies in the construction industry, those equipment checks and compliance forms typically mean wasted time. The team in the field takes pictures on their phone, completes an inspection report, then emails everything to the office, where somewhere there has to get it into a useable format, hoping everything is correct.

Mobile apps provide a direct line between information in the field and HQ. The office staff has all the information they need as soon as it’s collected on the job. Meaning no more duplication of work, missed information or digging through old emails. The less time a team is spending duplicating work, the more time they’re spending working on the job at hand.

A mountain of data.

Business owners have long lists of things they have to complete each day. Daily job reports, safety forms, equipment checks, and so much more. It can be downright impossible to capture all the things happening on a job site on a daily basis. Mobile apps like Device Magic can work for businesses to collect all those mission critical reports, forms, and photos and deliver them back to HQ as they happen. Why slow down when you don’t have to?

Mobile time tracking is HUGE.

Paper time cards have been used for decades to track and document work hours. Each industry has slowly found a better alternative as technology advances. The construction industry is finding great use in busybusy’s mobile time card app to receive accurate information to make profitable decisions.

Paper time cards require multiple people to process payroll because of all the work that comes with collecting, reading and entering the data. busybusy’s app allows employees to clock in from the job site from any device to track job costing and project progress.  All the information is collected and sent back to the office, making payroll a 30-minute task. busybusy frees up payroll staff to get to more important responsibilities.

Are you in the construction industry? Tell us what apps your organization is using (or wish they would use) in the comments!

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