7 Killer Mobile Apps To Help Field Service Businesses Gain A Tech Edge

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Contractors, inspectors, and other field-service workers—lend me your mobile devices!

Because there is an array of mobile-device applications that can improve the service experience for both representative and client alike.

As you may already know, Device Magic is enterprise-ready in several respects–for instance, we’ve built integrations for accessing cloud storage apps (Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive) and email apps (Gmail, Yahoo, and others).

But besides Device Magic, what other applications make life in the field, as well as communication with the office, easier?

Here are a few that have caught our attention to help your business go paperless.

All4Staff: Get Your Team Going On Day 1

First things first: before any apps can make life easier in the field, businesses need to hire team members. The All4Staff app is a digital onboarding solution that not only eliminates HR paperwork, but also notifies new employees about HR deadlines and collects those all-important signatures.

The results benefit company and worker alike: rather than spending day 1 skulking about the office, new employees hit the ground running.

AceRoute: Streamline Travel Time

Device Magic is all about data collection—but what about getting to the job site? For representatives on-the-go, the AceRoute app optimizes travel routes and makes schedule recommendations that best satisfy clients’ needs. Worried about getting behind schedule? The app can even provide notifications that enable team members to address time-management issues before they get out of hand.

GasBuddy: Find The Best Gas Prices Around

No doubt fuel costs will start to creep upward again, reminding businesses that reducing miles travelled is only half the battle. The GasBuddy app helps reduce the cost of driving those same miles. The app crowdsources the cost of gasoline and uses phone location data to direct field-service reps to the closest and least expensive gas stations. The next step: convincing reps to coast whenever they drive service vehicles downhill.

Spotify: Listen To Tunes On The Go

Of course, field-service representatives can’t live on fast routes and cheap gas alone. In between service locations, sometimes a representative needs the dulcet tones of REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, or Eddie Money. And, if those options don’t hit quite the right note, the Spotify app offers access to songs by thousands of other musicians as well.

Voxeet: Improve Team Communication With Mobile Conferencing

Speaking of sweet sounds, Voxeet improves the communication experience with team members elsewhere in the field and back at the office. How? By emphasizing clear sound, the app removes the frustrations from mobile group conferencing. More the strong, silent type? Voxeet also includes an instant messaging feature that allows chatting with single or multiple team

KoolApp: Convert Pressure to Temperature

Any HVAC workers out there? KoolApp provides a convenient, easy-to-use pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter. The app currently works with 76 natural and traditional refrigerants, and also offers additional information such as dew- and bubble-point data for refrigerants with glide.

Square Register: Get Paid

The field-service representative has already arrived (and the songs have been sung). The team members have been communicated with. And Device Magic has done its magic. Perhaps now it’s time to collect payment? Square Register allows field-service reps to accept credit card payments, thereby turning mobile devices into mobile point of sales tools.

Readers—what other apps have grabbed your attention or have you used in your business? Let us know in the comments!


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    Helpful piece ! I learned a lot from the insight – Does anyone know if
    my company might be able to find a sample CBP 823F form to edit ?

  • FrankHhawford46

    My work colleague obtained a fillable CA FL-395 form here http://goo.gl/arxi6h

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