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Use A Mobile App For your Daily Vehicle Inspections To Increase Compliance, Safety, & Productivity

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

Commercial driver inspecting truck tire during daily vehicle inspection report

Every morning, millions of commercial motor vehicles are hitting the road to transport goods, services, and passengers. From school buses to semi-trailers, commercial motor vehicles throughout the country are responsible for providing safe and efficient means of transportation.

That’s why commercial vehicle drivers regularly complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports—to keep vehicles safe on the road while mitigating potential accidents and injuries.

Where paper-based forms once sufficed, mobile forms have become a technological asset for drivers filling out these inspections on-the-go. And in an increasingly mobile economy, this makes for a logical next step. Digital inspections are accessible anywhere at anytime, without internet connectivity—keeping drivers connected in even the most rural of areas.

Paper-based inspections are also easily misplaced, difficult to store, and prone to physical damage. Depending on the size of your fleet, the amount of reports piling up in the office can be an administrative nightmare. Fillable forms not only digitize these antiquated processes, but allow for a more efficient flow of data.

When drivers submit digital DVIRs with Device Magic, fleet supervisors and admins gain instant access to information from pre-trip and post-trip inspections, including multimedia like photographs and signatures. Mobile DVIRs go a step further by eliminating the need for data re-entry and human error from manually completed daily vehicle inspection reports. Not to mention the time spent completing and submitting inspections is drastically reduced when drivers can do so directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Our drivers have substantially improved quality of service due to no longer having to use paper copies (except in extenuating circumstances) and our office and administration staff are much happier about being able to simply receive reports from drivers by e-mail instead of having to wait for them to actually return from the road.” – Michael Compton, Gorman Uniform Service

Device Magic’s mobile forms app offers a templated DVIR while giving you the flexibility to customize the report to fit the needs of your fleet. With our Resources picklist, drivers can quickly select answers from a large data set like thousands of vehicle models, license plate numbers, or parts.

By streamlining your workflow with a mobile app, drivers can easily automate next steps for any necessary maintenance when a vehicle fails inspection criteria. Quotes for parts and repairs can be triggered by the submission of a single report to notify the right people at the right time—always keeping supervisors connected and in the loop.

Inoperable vehicles are also detrimental to the transportation and logistics industry when you consider the downtime and costs associated with penalties for non-compliance. DVIRs therefore play a significant role in maintaining accurate records and compliance with operational safety standards.

Have you considered equipping your team with mobile devices for digital inspections? Read on to discover five ways Device Magic mobile forms can help your fleet exceed your compliance and efficiency goals.

5 Benefits of Digitizing your Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

1. Send custom inspection reports to your drivers on the road with Dispatch.

  • Send DVIRs with pre-populated data to alert employees in the field or on the road when scheduled inspections are due.
  • Automate workflows so that the submission of a completed inspection triggers another form to be sent, dependent on the results of the submitted inspection.

2. Collect and submit information on your vehicle online or offline.

  • Mobile forms are fully functional without a cell or Internet connection. Access all your forms in one central location on a mobile device.
  • Capture and submit multimedia data whether you’re at the job site, on the road, or in the office with offline mobile forms.

3. Reduce the time spent on inspections with an intuitive mobile app.

  • Fast, efficient data capture in real-time on mobile devices from anywhere, without a connection. No more waiting on reports to come in or time spent re-entering data.
  • Capture locations, collect signatures, take photos, and create sketches all within your mobile forms.

4. Deliver your inspection data in whatever format you need, exactly where you need it.

  • Paper-based reports are slow to return to office. Seamlessly deliver your inspection data to the tools and systems you’re already using.
  • Customize where submitted data is delivered and in what format.

5. Smarter, more flexible forms for every inspection and report.

  • Conditional or “skip” logic to ensure drivers are collecting information only relevant to their specific vehicle while removing and adding questions based on responses to previous answers.


Digital inspections offer immediate insight and thus more-timely repairs to get your people and your vehicles back on the road quickly, and safely. Using a mobile device to perform routine inspections is the simplest way to keep your drivers compliant. Try Device Magic free today and start mobilizing your fleet like never before.

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