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Your Elevator Maintenance Checklist – What to Include

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

Men using an elevator maintenance checklist to perform a safety inspection

[Guest Post] Author: Veronica Lamb, Maintenance Department Business Manager at Mid-American Elevator.

Elevator Maintenance Checklist

As long as they are kept in good working condition, your building’s elevators should continue to provide safe, reliable service for your tenants. However, not all property owners place as high a priority on elevator repair and elevator inspections as they should. This is why lack of proper care is one of the leading causes of accidents involving this equipment. To help ensure the highest levels of elevator safety, regular inspections are essential.

The key to a successful inspection is having a plan and following it to the letter every time. This is why an elevator maintenance checklist can be an incredibly useful tool for anyone responsible for lift maintenance. Without it, crews run the risk of overlooking any one of the small but crucial elements for which they should be looking when they perform such inspections.

For example, one critical but relatively small detail inside the car is the emergency stop button. If this is not checked as part of regular lift maintenance, it could prove disastrous to anyone riding. Guaranteeing that the pit area is free of obstructions is another important step — especially considering that elevator installers and repairers have the highest injury rate among those in the construction industry.

For more critical tips for inspecting your lifts, see the accompanying checklist:

elevator maintenance checklist infographic - elevator repair and elevator inspection safety steps

Inside the Car

  • Ensure the doors can open and close freely and without obstructions.
  • Look for signs of damage on the ceiling, handrails and walls.
  • Find and replace any burned-out lights, including in the control panel.
  • Confirm that the emergency phone connects quickly with 911 or the local fire department.

Outside the Car

  • Replace any lights that have burned out at each floor.
  • Inspect the door panels and clearances.
  • Test the smoke detector and fire alarm system.

In the Machine Room

  • Test the smoke detector and fire alarm system.
  • Check oil levels and ensure all systems are properly lubricated.
  • Examine electrical wiring for signs of fraying or defects.
  • Make sure there is adequate headroom for technicians.
  • Remove anything that interferes with access to the equipment.

On Top of the Car

  • Ensure the emergency exit hatch is easily accessible.
  • Test the brakes and inspect the mechanism to make sure it is in good condition.
  • Check cables for signs of wear.
  • Look for signs of rodents or vandalism along the hoist way.

In the Pit

  • Make certain the area has proper access.
  • Inspect the pit to make sure it has the necessary clearance.
  • Check the car frame for signs of damage.

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Author bio: Veronica Lamb is a Maintenance Department Business Manager at Mid-American Elevator, an elevator installation, maintenance, and repair company. She has many years of experience at Mid-American Elevator which has been in business for 30+ years.

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