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Create Custom Order Forms in Under 5 Minutes

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

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Mobile forms make it easy to gather, analyze, and distribute information quickly and effectively. One of the most practical uses for mobile forms is creating custom order forms. Device Magic makes it easy, featuring a number of free templates and a drag and drop form builder. Surprise and delight your customers with your new mobile order forms, which you can create in just a few minutes.

What Is An Order Form?

Order forms are documents that customers use to request products or services from a seller. This could be an online retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer. Requesting, purchasing, and receiving the right products is crucial for your business. Clear and organized order forms make it easy for both parties to understand what materials are needed, how much is needed, and when they are required. But not all order forms are created equally.

More and more businesses are choosing to customize their order forms instead of settling for pre-made templates that haven’t been tailored to the unique needs of their company. By customizing an order form, you can design a carefully crafted document that has all of the elements you need for a precise and accurate order.

Your order forms need to be as unique as your business. See all the ways Device Magic can help you create custom forms with ease.

Create a Custom Order Form with Device Magic

Device Magic offers an easy-to-use form builder so you can create custom order forms or any type of mobile form. Start with an existing template, then add or remove fields with an intuitive drag and drop interface to create a custom form tailored to your business.

Device Magic mobile forms are entirely customizable, easy to manage and send, and can capture data in real-time. Once completed, you can send your new mobile order forms to clients with a simple link. Best of all, they can be created in less than five minutes! Here’s how to build your forms:

Step 1: Set-Up

  • Access the Device Magic Form Builder and click “New Form.”
  • Name the form and add a description.

Step 2: Build

Use the sidebar to drag and drop different elements into your form. Some fields you may wish to add to your order form include:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Customer Name
  • Custom Contact Info
  • Products/Services Requested
  • Quantity
  • Material/Product description
  • Delivery Data
  • Price
  • Photos
  • Customer Signature

The easy drag-and-drop tool allows you to add elements relevant to your organization and delete sections that are not. Another helpful feature of the form builder is the “Free Text” option. This element allows you to write out specific instructions, guidelines and notes specific to the order.

Step 3: Preview & Save

After you’ve built the order form, click save and close, and you are done! You can easily test out the form, send a preview to yourself, and make any necessary edits and changes.

The form builder allows you to see a preview of the order form live as you are building it. Before you send, you can see the form exactly as the seller will see it.

Step 4: Send It!

Once you’ve created an order form specific to your purchase order, Device Magic makes it easy to send and distribute the order forms to wherever they need to go. You have the option to store the order form in an internal database to be used again in the future or covert the form to a PDF and email it to the seller.

Step 5: Collect Information

Whenever an order form is completed, Device Magic can store the submitted data for your reference in any format you require. This makes the order process efficient and allows your team to easily access the stored data for administrative tasks like reporting and auditing.

Try Device Magic Today

A smooth and accurate ordering process is crucial to the productivity and profitability of your business. Use Device Magic to create custom order forms and help ensure you always get the information you need, when you need it. Gegin your free trial today.

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