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Get internal AND competitor data delivered from the field in real-time.

Stop Missing Out On Data That's Outside the Office.

Device Magic is a mobile forms software and data collection app that streamlines how you collect
pricing data, delivery reports and confirmations, merchandising information, authorization forms, and more. Discover the benefits of mobile forms retail solutions.


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Get Competitive Field Data in Real-Time

If your competition has lower prices than you in a store across the country, you need to know. Device Magic allows field teams to get that data to the office in real-time to make decisions quickly.

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Analyze ALL of Your Data, Not Some

When internal teams don't have access to all the data they need, work grinds to a halt. Send pricing, branding, and customer data to internal decision makers for analysis from almost anywhere in the world.

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Make Your Internal Operations More Efficient

Stop wasting time and money on inaccurate orders. Track incidents, deliveries, and merchandise with pictures, signatures, and numbers. Quit guessing and start knowing.

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