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Device Magic Now Offers Regionalized Data Storage to Bolster Security & GDPR Compliance

Posted by Ken Pittman

multiregion data hosting available with Device Magic

Raleigh, NC, Aug 5, 2020 – Device Magic today announced multi-region server support, allowing customers to secure their data within a specified region. The Device Magic mobile app is used by teams in the field to collect data, some of which may involve sensitive information. Enterprise customers may now choose a server region and rest assured that their data never leaves. There are additional costs for customers who choose this option.

Regionalization solves a number of security concerns for Device Magic customers. One primary use-case involves companies under GDPR, who have greater legal responsibilities for how they collect and store data. Compliance with GDPR also regulates how a company responds to data breaches.

The ability for Device Magic customers to restrict their data to regional servers grants them greater control over data storage and enhances their ability to combat data breaches. Of course, these security enhancements are not only useful for GDPR compliance. Many security-minded customers will wish to control their data locations for the same reasons listed above. As a secondary benefit, multi-region support may also enhance platform performance. Hosting data locally may improve load times and delivery speed.

Device Magic is now one of the most adaptable mobile apps for data collection with three distinct ways to host customer data. Standard hosting provides a quick, affordable solution for most customers. On-premise hosting offers complete local control of all data. And now, multi-region support allows customers to regionalize data for enhanced security and performance.

About Device Magic

Device Magic is a leading data collection app used by thousands of organizations worldwide. The company’s mobile application allows teams to efficiently collect data, images, geolocations, and signatures from anywhere – in the office, on the shop floor, or even while offline in the field. Founded in 2011, Device Magic has now grown into one of Raleigh’s fastest-growing tech companies. The company won second place in the latest WRAL Voter’s Choice Awards for “Most Innovative Startup”, and has been named one of Triangle Business Journal’s best places to work. For more information, visit or call 855-257-9650.

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