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Device Magic Introduces New Driver’s License Scan Feature

Posted by Jennifer Herman

Device Magic's new driver's license scan feature

What’s new

Device Magic has a new trick up its sleeve: driver’s license scanning functionality. This feature has been incorporated as an intelligent field option within our drag-and-drop mobile form builder. So what does that mean? By adding the drivers license field to a form, you will be able to capture multiple, individual pieces of ID data when a user scans the barcode on the back of a license. You can then build in conditional logic to trigger real time actions based on the captured data. For example, if the scanned license is expired, you can set up an automated notification for user license renewal.

See how it works

Device Magic’s driver’s license scan feature works on any state- or province-issued ID in the United States or Canada. This includes driver’s licenses, personal identification cards and commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). The driver’s license scan field can be used on its own as a form or be incorporated as a question within a longer form, such as pre-trip inspection checklists. When a user scans the ID barcode, the feature default captures the following individual fields:

  • ID holder’s first name
  • ID holder’s last name
  • Date of birth
  • ID or driver’s license number
  • ID or driver’s license issue date
  • ID or driver’s license expiration date

A solution when you need more than just a mobile ID scanning app

There are plenty of ID scanning tools, applications and software available on the market today. Depending on your industry, these applications can be used for a variety of operational needs. Many options, such as Scannr, are designed for restaurants, bars and other nightlife establishments to help business owners to not only prohibit underage drinking, but also better understand their patron demographics.

But what if you need the ability to gather ID information as part of a larger data collection effort? Consider some of the following scenarios:

  • Trucking and transportation companies that need to incorporate a driver’s CDL information as part of a comprehensive pre-trip inspection form.
  • Government entities that need to validate identification data as part of larger procedures or programs. For example, corrections departments that need to validate parolee identity during site visits.
  • Employers, in general, who need to collect ID information that impacts employment eligibility, such as country of residence or driver’s license expiration dates.

While these are just a handful of examples, you’re probably getting the bigger picture: in many cases, businesses need more than just an ID scanning app. That’s where Device Magic comes in – comprehensive data collection software with smart ID scanning functionality. You can test out the new feature, along with all of our industry-leading data collection capabilities by signing up for our free, 14-day trial

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