More Accurate and Complete Compliance & Safety Forms

Device Magic is an app that lets your teams complete compliance and safety forms anytime, anywhere. Even offline. Use the mobile app to complete JSA forms, near-miss reports, equipment inspections, safety briefing sign-offs, and more. Validate answers, receive data faster, and immediately route critical data wherever you need.

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Safety & Compliance Documentation

Never worry about lost or inaccurate paperwork again. Digital forms help you validate answers and reduce incomplete forms. Stop hunting down paperwork - keep your important documentation secure.

Quickly Build Your App

Use our simple drag-and-drop Form Builder to customize your forms. Unlike paper, your forms can now validate answers, collect rich media, and reference live data resources.

Collect Data Anywhere

Your teams can complete and submit forms anywhere - even without an internet connection. No more missing paperwork.

Deliver To the Right Places

Information is delivered exactly where you need it. Flag issues for immediate attention. Send responses directly to your data systems to eliminate data re-entry.

Complete Forms on Mobile or Desktop

Gain access to the same data collection capabilities whether you’re using a smartphone or a desktop computer. Our web forms app allows you to complete and submit forms from your desktop computers, laptops or any web-based device.

Dispatch Requests to your Team in the Field

Send partially-completed forms to your team members. For instance, dispatch work orders with pre-filled names and addresses. Getting creative, you could even automate workflows so that one form submission triggers another dispatch.

Submit mobile forms to create custom PDFs with Device Magic

Generate Custom PDFs

Use your own custom PDF templates so that your team's form submissions retain your brand's usual identity and layout.

Analytics inside Device Magic's interface

Custom Dashboards and Analytics

Create charts and customized dashboards to review data submissions. Monitor critical business functions, identify trends, and share actionable insights.