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Data from the Field Delivered to Your Inbox

Accurate data from the field emailed to you automatically.

Sometimes, a simple email with the right data can save a company hours of wasted time. Device Magic allows you to send an email to any email address with the completed data from a mobile form.

Multiple formats, multiple options.

If you need your data delivered to your inbox as a PDF or Word doc attachment, you can do it. If you simply want to receive it within the body of an email, that's doable too. You can also customize the subject line and include any custom copy within the email body. And with Destination Rules, you can only have the email sent when a certain condition is met. That means you could email a customized PDF to a customer and a basic, plain text email to your internal team at the same time. Everyone get the data they need in the format they need it in without any downtime.

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