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Send Your Form Data Where You Want, How You Want.

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It’s your data. You decide how you want it to look.

Whether you need a professional looking invoice sent as a PDF with your logo, or data delivered right into your project management tool, it’s all possible with Device Magic.

Submit mobile forms as customized documents.

Recreate specific mandated work forms, or build custom PDFs or Word docs as templates within your Device Magic account. Use data tokens from completed mobile forms to fill in the blanks. The end result? Mobile field data collection that gives you completed inspections and checklists that look just like the original paper copy.

Keep everything in the cloud.

The data from your submitted forms can be delivered to your existing CRM, project management, or other online tool via our XML or JSON data delivery format. Connect with Zapier to further customize your data destinations and automation. No more re-entering data into multiple systems.

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