Device Magic - Enhance Workflows with Mobile Forms Automation

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Make Life Easier with Mobile Forms Automation.

Turn days into minutes with real-time data delivery.

There’s no limit to the number of form Destinations you can set up within your Device Magic account. That means submitting a single form can kick off an entire automation sequence. Deliver photos to your Dropbox account, push a text message to a supervisor, and email an invoice to a customer, all by hitting “Submit” on one form.

Processes that used to take days to complete can be reduced to minutes with mobile forms automation. That's a lot of time saved.

Integrate with your business applications for forms automation.

Device Magic integrates with numerous other business web applications to accommodate your business data collection processes. Build and enhance existing forms workflows to simplify your forms and data collection strategy. Our software integrations allow your form workflows to use custom delivery with apps like Zapier, to be stored in apps like Dropbox, or to aid team communication with apps like Slack or Evernote.

Dispatch forms to your team in the field.

Need to notify someone in the field of a new job? Available for enterprise level accounts, the Dispatch feature allows you to send partially completed forms to your team in the field. Send a pre-populated form including the job site and other key details; when your service person arrives, they finish filling out the form and submit it.

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