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Make Life Easier with Mobile Forms Automation

Keep Customers, Colleagues, and Managers Connected

Turn days into minutes with real-time data delivery.

There’s no limit to the number of Destinations you can set up within your Device Magic account. That means submitting a single form can kick off an entire set of forms automation. Deliver photos to your Dropbox account, push a text message to a supervisor, and email an invoice to a customer, all by hitting “Submit” on one form.

Processes that used to take days to complete can be reduced to minutes. That's a lot of time saved.

Dispatch forms to your team in the field.

Need to notify someone in the field of a new job? Available for enterprise level accounts, the Dispatch feature allows you to send partially completed forms to your team in the field. Send a form with a job site and other key details pre-populated in the form; when your service person arrives, they finish filling out the form and submit it.

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