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Create powerful mobile forms. It's as easy as drag and drop with our form builder.

Device Magic mobile form builder software

Easily create and manage your mobile forms.

Recreate your checklists, inspection forms, maintenance requests, and time cards by building custom forms using the Device Magic mobile form builder. Simply drag and drop to add, remove, and re-order text fields, formula fields, images, geo-tagging, bar codes, and more. Save, or quickly distribute the forms to your team. Your custom forms can then be submitted on iOS, Android, and Amazon tablets and smartphones via the Device Magic app.

See what forms will look like on your mobile devices live as you build with the Form Builder Preview. Optimize your forms and make them even easier for the team to complete.

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Data collection made simple with our simplified mobile form builder.

Flexible form building makes collecting any type of data from the field possible. Basic or complex forms are easy to create with our form builder. Customization allows for you to simply build standard fields like yes/no questions and select questions, or more advanced fields.

Requiring a certain value for a question. Calculating the difference between two answers. Narrowing down results for easier selection. All of this is possible when building your custom mobile forms. Calculated questions, validation rules, and filterable selection questions are all ready-made in the drag and drop functionality of the Device Magic Android and iOS mobile form builder.

Create further customizations by integrating your forms with other business software platforms. Enhance the ingredients for creating your forms by utilizing resources, like spreadsheets or PDFs, and referencing them during form building. Start creating forms and collecting data your way today.

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