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Collect data from different points within a defined area or plan with enhanced geolocation.

Discover the ease of capturing and transferring data from various locations on the go. Use Device Magic’s geomapping resource to superimpose an image, such as an architectural plan or construction site, on a map. From there, select specific locations using pins, and assign corresponding tasks or questions to be completed in the field.

When the map overlay is attached to a location question, it will automatically generate as a form resource every time it is featured. As a result, it’s ideal for mobile forms containing recurring sections, also known as repeat groups. Immediately forward this information to a large range of Destinations such as email, Google Drive or your favorite CRM - or utilize the Device Magic API to send and receive data from your own systems.

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Geomapping feature in mobile forms app - Device Magic

Flexibility at your fingertips

On the job and need to adjust the overlay? Rotate, resize and adjust the opacity of the image you’ve uploaded over the map, or relocate by moving the map itself. The Device Magic geomapping feature is intuitive and straightforward, rendering maximized flexibility and optimized productivity.

Device Magic mobile forms geomapping feature screenshot on device

When onsite or in the field, easily switch between pinned locations to determine the distance between points, as well as to navigate to each of them; the resource will automatically generate directions. Review the location’s summary by selecting a pin, and instantaneously capture information relative to the questions at hand. Need to collect data on a new area? Simply add a new location on the map overlay, and add any associated details in the form itself.

Geomapping is available for Device Magic Enterprise plans.