Dispatch Mobile Forms to your Team in the Field with Device Magic

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Dispatch mobile forms to your team in the field.

Send mobile forms with pre-populated data to notify employees of new tasks.

Need to send a form to an employee off-site? Or to notify and send someone in the field a new job? Available for Enterprise level accounts, the Dispatch feature allows you to send partially completed forms to your team in the field.

You can send a pre-populated form that includes the job site and other key details to any of your connected mobile devices; when your tech arrives, they finish filling out the form and submit it. Dispatch allows you to create and send mobile forms on the fly - without any added confusion or communication.

Set up workflows with Dispatch.

You can also build complex workflow scenarios, and dispatch mobile forms based on chosen actions. For example, the submission of one form from a tech can trigger delivery of another form to a manager on their device for approval. Device Magic integrates with Zapier for additional workflow automation. After linking your account with Zapier, "Zaps" allow for forms to be Dispatched based on selected actions in other integrated web applications.

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dispatch mobile forms to the field with Device Magic