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Turn Your Mobile Forms Data into a Customizable PDF.

Use Destinations to Deliver Data as a PDF

With the Device Magic PDF Destination, you can export your mobile forms and send them to recipient as a customizable PDF. When you set up a new PDF Destination, you can upload your own template to customize how the PDF will look when it is delivered. So when mobile forms are submitted, you and your team receive neat and tidy PDF version of the completed form.

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Create a Custom Template

Customize how your PDF will look when it is delivered, including any header and footers or branding for your company. You can make your PDF resemble your original paper form, or create a new custom layout. Decide the order of questions on the PDF, define image sizes, and even choose font size and color.

A sample template can be downloaded from Device Magic when you set up the Destination. The template includes placeholders for the questions in your form so that they will map correctly to the PDF after it has been submitted. Design the layout of your form by copying and pasting the form field placeholders wherever the answers should appear. Once complete, you'll be able to have submitted mobile forms sent as your customized PDF.

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